Fashion week is coming and with it over 10,000 editors, street style photographers and fashion bloggers travelling to international cities like New York, Paris, London, and Milan, looking for stories worth tweeting about. With street style imagery showing up on the pages of VogueElle,Harper’s Bazaar and W magazine as well as countless online sites like StyleFashionista, and Refinery29, it’s becoming more important to connect to influentials and identify opportunities to work with them through one of fashions biggest events.

Representing over 540 Socialytes, or bloggers who reach over 50,000 fans, we’ve helped various brands excel in their outreach goals, reaching millions of consumers by bringing power bloggers together.

To help with the fashion week frenzy, I’ve put together a few ideas, many of which we’ve implemented through out work with brand partners. Some of the largest, most social media forward brands, like BurberryLouis Vuitton and DKNY have used these methods to connect to the social wins created by working with famous faces during fashion week.

Create You’re Own Exclusives by Booking a Reporter  Control the media that’s produced at your show. Hire a Socialyte to shoot original content backstage, creating and distributing a video and photography series dedicated to your show. Request a Casting to find popular personalities to produce exclusive coverage from your fashion show.

Let Your Fans In by Hosting a Google Hangout Backstage Give your fans the unique experience of going backstage of a runway show. Hire a Socialyte with a large social following to host from backstage, giving fans live updates as you prepare for your debut.

Stage a Street Style Runway Walk Outdoor runway shows are the new flash mobs. Garner buzz for your latest collection by having influential fashion stars strut their stuff for the barrage of street style photographers and passerbys by scheduling an impromptu runway show in the streets.

Send Care Packages to International Socialytes at their Hotels Not only does this save you on international shipping fees and taxes, but it also let’s the influencer know that they are truly thought of. Doing so ensures that the stylish fashionite will have it in their style arsenal for the week and increases chances of being worn and shot by photographers.

Sponsor a Socialytes Trip to Fashion Week in Exchange for Exclusive Coverage A Socialytes readership increases during Fashion Week and monopolizing content both guarantees coverage as well as builds a stronger relationship. Great content is created out of great experiences, and funding a trip ensures lots of stories for you to use to further build your brands digital footprint and attract online consumers.

Dress Your Front Row This is one many forget. Socialytes are the celebrities of the digital age and if you want them sitting in your front row, it’s important to feature them wearing your brand. What people are wearing in the front row is sometimes gets more attention than what’s on the runway.

Book a Nail Art Socialyte to Create Manicures Inspired by your Collection Social networking sites such as Pinterest have brought nail art to the front lines. Creating a signature look is a sure fire way to claims this niche market and have lots of fashion and beauty obsessed girls sharing the styles to millions of potential consumers.

Book a Street Style Photographer to Shoot Models Backstage and on the Streets at Your Show Tell the story of your models, by capturing them before and after your show. Models-off-duty tend to be street style photographer’s favorite subjects. Expand that exposure the backstage of your show so they can capture the full experience and you can share it across your social channels.

Collect Instagrams for a Facebook Lookbook Mix your own shots with those of popular Socialytes at your show. Bring these together to create a stronger story for your brand through Facebook and share your collection in a different, more social way.

Hire a Socialyte Stylist Since you’ll need someone style your show, opting for a stylist(s) with a large blog following will generate buzz around the collection as well as add familiarity with a brand new collection. Sharing the experience through a story line on social and your branded blog will increase awareness and drive additional mentions for your brand.

Hire a Socialyte Illustrator  Illustrate your runway looks to accompany your lookbook. Including beautiful mementos with your lookbooks can be the edge that will have all the editors recalling the looks months after fashion week.