5 Ways to Enhance Your Fashion Blog to Attract More Luxury Brands

Kristina Bazan of Kayture

Kristina Bazan of Kayture

There are a millions of fashion blogs out there, but only a few which get our attention. If you’re looking to become a top blogger, booking international campaigns with brands like H&MRedkenBurberryGucci, and Louis Vuitton, then you need to continuously build on your previous success, while setting yourself up mentally, creatively, and technologically to succeed.

I often talk about the psychology of the consumer and the triggers that lead them to a sale. Since so many of us reap the benefits of affiliate revenue, it’s important to keep our blogs focussed on the sale. Properties like BagSnobAtlantic-Pacific, and Who What Wear have mastered the art of the affiliate, generate tens of thousands of dollars each month in payments for making the suggestions that effect the consumer to buy. Keep this front of mind in your future posts and you’ll see a direct increase in revenue and respect from your audience.

But more on that later, for now, I wanted to share some quick tips on how you can instantly enhance your fashion blog.

Social Links Come First

If people can’t find your social profiles, how are they going to remember you? Make it easy for readers­­ to find and subscribe to your blog. We’re living in an “I want it now” society and if  a reader can’t even locate your social profiles, then it’s likely you’re losing out on potential followers.

Links Should Open A New Window

Tweaking your blog settings so that hyperlinks open in a new tab is a great strategy. Think about it­­ if you’re on a page, and you click on a link and it opens in the same page, you’re most likely not going to hit the back button. More often than not, you’re going to get involved in the information on this newly opened page, and move on from there. Hyperlinking out of your site will give people the opportunity to explore linked content and connect to you via your social profiles, while staying directly connected to your blog.

Tell Us Your Name

Form a personal bond with your readers, make it easy for them to know your name and be sure to respond to them in comments. Remember, it’s about showcasing and selling your image­­ and people need to know who that actually is to form a bond with your site and return to read your content.. Especially if they’re trying to hire you!

Produce High­-Quality Photography

First of all, the nicer the quality of the images, the more captivating they’ll be. People are going to be drawn to view your visual content. Additionally, though, you’ll be able to more effectively showcase items for different sponsorships. You want brands to want to work with you again, and making their pieces look incredible is one definite way to help secure that.

Have Representation

As mentioned in my post on why fashion bloggers need talent agents, having representation is all about having assistance in developing and marketing your image. It’s also incredibly beneficial to have someone there to manage the areas where you may not be as familiar, such as in business or law. Not to mention that agencies attract deals, so ­­why wouldn’t you want to have someone advocating for you while you get to focus on the aspects of blogging that made you successful in the first place?

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