14 Rising Beauty Influencers You Need to Know Now

While we've traditionally looked to the silver screen for celebrity beauty inspiration, the modern era has us looking at big names on smaller screens — our laptops and smartphones.

The future of the world is digital, fame included. The new crop of stars are making names for themselves on YouTube, Instagram, and other online platforms. As people increasingly turn to makeup and hair tutorials to help us get our acts (and faces) together, the popularity of beauty influencers has surged beyond all expectations.

Besides accessibility, these social platforms also offer more opportunity for a range of influencers to find success — including young aspiring makeup artists and beauty gurus. In fact, it seems that teens have an edge on their older competitors when it comes to digital media, since they've grown up surrounded by and immersed in technology — and perhaps have the most thorough understanding of the newest applications.

Sure to be the next generation of beauty stars, these influencers prove that the game is changing. And, based on the talent we've seen from these teens thus far, we can't wait to see where they go from here. No matter how famous they get, though, we hope they'll keep teaching us along the way.

Ella Victoria

Though the adorable Ella Victoria gives off quintessential "American girl-next-door" vibes, she's actually from Australia. The 17-year-old's YouTube channel is filled with tutorials for youthful looks that highlight — instead of hide — natural features. She also has a younger sister, Liz, who’s a talented dancer and budding YouTube star herself. Clearly, beauty and brains run in the family.

Ella has racked up more than 98K followers and 3 million views on YouTube, and her Instagram feed boasts more than 21k followers. Both platforms showcase a mix of makeup, fashion, and lifestyle posts, but it’s clear that she’s a beauty girl at heart.

Braids by Jordan

When you first hear that the woman behind the Braids by Jordan Instagram and YouTube channel is only 18, you’ll probably need to do a double take. As a hair prodigy showing off her love for — you guessed it — braids, Jordan’s talent and creativity are both inconceivable and continually impressive. Basically, we (and her almost 69K followers on Instagram) pretty much drool over anything she posts.

And how could we not? Between her YouTube tutorials and stunning plait photos (all staged against the stunning scenery of the Canadian wilderness), there’s nothing not to love about Jordan’s art form. We hope this braid prodigy goes on to open up her own hair-weaving studio, because we’ll be first in line when it opens.


This platinum-blond babe nails popular trends, including grunge makeup and more Tumblr-inspired looks — all while maintaining a fresh-faced style that doesn't feel too mature for the 14-year-old. With more than 254k subscribers and a collective 4.3 million views on YouTube and almost 84K followers on Instagram, she's come a long way since her channel launched in October 2014. Thanks to her massive fan base and her natural talent, we predict a highly successful future for Sage.

Brooklyn and Bailey

The twin daughters of the mom behind Cute Girls Hairstyles may have had a bit of an advantage in garnering 1.2 million Instagram followers and more than 2.2 million YouTube subscribers — after all, Cute Girls Hairstyles has more than 4 million fans on YouTube.

The twins' channel covers “all things fun,” but Brooklyn and Bailey definitely picked up some tricks from their mother: their beginner beauty videos and hair collaborations with Cute Girls Hairstyles are definite standouts. Brooklyn and Bailey's videos are an insightful chronicle into the lives of today's teenagers. They even have an entire video playlist dedicated to “teen tips.” While their mother’s brand may have kick-started their success, their current followers prove that these twins embody the next generation of digital media celebrities.

Olivia Giannulli

Though she first garnered attention for being the 16-year-old daughter of Lori Laughlin (also known as Full House's Aunt Becky), Olivia Giannulli has made a name for herself through her gorgeous Instagram photos and beauty-centric YouTube channel.

We admit, it's hard not to envy Olivia when following her escapades, from gallivanting at Teen Vogue parties and hanging with best friend Bailee Madison to posing for pics with her mom and traveling the world. But while she could have relied on her name and lineage alone for fame, her videos show real potential, talent, and ambition.

Courtney Walker

The 16-year-old behind YouTube channel cjwalker735 has been incredibly successful by sticking to what she knows: back-to-school tutorials. Her high-school-geared videos are by far her most successful and have established Courtney as one of the premier teen beauty and fashion vloggers on the scene.

She demonstrates everything from hairstyles and makeup to Halloween tips — all with a signature spin that feels both age-appropriate and fashion-forward. She also has a video series on “how to start a YouTube channel,” helping other aspiring vloggers find similar success on this platform. With her keen understanding of this space and passion for inspiring others, we expect to see her develop into a premier influencer, both online and beyond.

Koleen Diaz

Koleen Diaz’s channel is a smorgasbord in all things beauty and fashion with a specialization in GRWM (get ready with me) and back-to-school videos. She also does hauls, makeup tutorials, routines, lookbooks, and hair DIYs — all with a sophisticated style and professional quality far beyond her years.

Diaz also takes to Instagram to supplement her brand, where she offers her 101K followers behind-the-scenes glimpses into her fabulous lifestyle. We can anticipate her glamorous style (her makeup looks are like hybrids of Kylie Jenner's and Selena Gomez's tastes) going even more mainstream in the years to come.

Alisa and Yana Cherry

Twins Alisa and Yana have their own YouTube channels (ThatsYana and SimplyAlisa) as well as a channel together, CherryTwins. It’s obvious that both girls have a penchant (and talent) for beauty. Both have posted a range of makeup tutorials, all of which are age-appropriate (did we mention they’re 15?) and easy for other teens to replicate.

Combined, the three channels have more 200K followers and 2.8 million views — while Alisa has 17K followers on Instagram and Yana has 19K. Their trendy, carefree photos are a mix of glimpses into their everyday lives, modeling images, and insight into their day-to-day routines. Double the vlogs, double the potential to go viral — making this duo a true powerhouse.

Lindsey Remi

Vlogger “Lindseyrem” runs her lifestyle channel with a professionalism far beyond her 18 years, which is thanks to the fact that she is a design student — just look at the stunning graphics she employs across her accounts. Her 200K subscribers on YouTube and 29.6K followers on Instagram prove that she’s been successful in creating a name for herself as one of the best up-and-comers among these digital platforms.

Lindsey shares a sincere look into her life with each video. Videos on her channel include Q&As, music recommendations, advice, and tutorials on “how to be a YouTuber.” However, she especially shines in her beauty videos, where she shows others how to achieve her personal makeup and hair looks through hauls, routine demonstrations, DIYs, and more. Her digital media experience paired with her design training is a recipe for much more success to come.

Maddi Bragg

Considering she’s only 17 years old, it’s pretty impressive that Maddi has been posting YouTube videos for five years and runs two channels: Maddi Bragg (for beauty videos) and Maddi Bragg Vlogs. She’s perhaps best known for her before-and-after braces video, which was posted back in 2013, but she’s more recently delved into edgier videos, showing off her piercings and grunge makeup.

That’s one of the unique things about Maddi: she’s grown up on screen, so you can see her evolution from preteen to almost-adult — and how her style and taste has changed over time. With more than 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followers on Instagram, Maddi is one of the most well-known talents of her age — and thus has the potential to be one of the biggest beauty influencers of all time. But don’t pigeonhole her: Maddi dabbles in fashion and modeling as well as beauty. It looks like she’ll have her choice of careers ahead!

Teala Dunn

At 19 years old, Teala Dunn has a diverse career that would be the envy of most adults: she’s well-known as an actress, comedian, and singer. But of all of her talents, Teala's passion for beauty shines the most on her YouTube channel. Her bright personality and unashamed goofiness make every video she posts a joy to watch. That, coupled with her celebrity status, must be how she’s accumulated more than 1.2 million subscribers.

Her zest for life is also evident on her Instagram account, where she posts snaps of her style, adventures, and enviable #GirlGang to 1.2 million followers. While we think she has a promising future in acting ahead of her, we hope she continues to explore this line of work, too.

Suede Brooks

If you didn’t know that model Suede Brooks just turned 15, you would probably think she’s a seasoned professional with years of experience under her belt. With a professionalism and look that makes her super sophisticated for her age, she clearly has the potential to be one of the next It girls.

While her 528K-follower Instagram is filled with beauty inspiration, she also vlogs about makeup and fashion on YouTube, giving us a peek at how she achieves her flawless look at such a young age. While most successful models' accounts make their lifestyles seem unattainable, Suede shares a refreshing and relatable glimpse into her life — and at her friendly personality.

Vivian V

Vivian V’s 1.2-million-subscriber YouTube channel proves that technique doesn’t always come with age — after all, she’s only 18 years old. She makes it seem effortless to lok stunning! Many of her videos focus on quick and easy styles ideal for every day. For anyone searching for gorgeous makeup and hair tutorials that aren’t overly complicated or time-consuming, it doesn’t get any better than the videos on Vivian V’s channel.

She supplements her beauty and fashion tips on her Instagram account, where 340K followers tune in to see her OOTDs and favorite products. The Seattle-based girl’s charisma is perhaps her best asset and a characteristic that will help her achieve whatever industry goals she sets.

Adelaine Morin

It’s hard to believe that sensation Adelaine Morin started her channel COOK1EMONSTER when she was 13 years old. Now that she's 18, she’s mastered the social media game and has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 429K followers on Instagram. Her bubbly, quirky personality helps her stand out from competitors and, paired with her clear talent for beauty, has helped her become successful in the challenging world of vlogging.

It’s easy to see why her followers have become so enamored with her onscreen personality — just watching her as she has fun on camera makes you want to be her friend in real life. She covers all aspects of beauty, including hair, makeup tutorials, and DIY tips, but she’s particularly known for her celebrity look-alike videos.

Also, her knack for cosmetics drove her to the top six in the 2013 NYX Face Awards, a makeup artistry competition, proving she's as talented as she is entertaining. Between her professional expertise and likeable persona, Adelaine is bound for greatness.

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