5 Holiday Shopping Trends Social Marketers Need to Know (Infographic)

With an increase in online shopping, and growth in e-commerce, holiday shopping is no longer confined to the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additionally, consumer behaviors in the digital space have resulted in changes in the retail landscape. An infographic from influencer marketing platform The Shelf takes a look at trends to watch out for this holiday season.

1.     Early shopping. Approximately 40 percent of customers do their shopping during November, and the average shopper has already done 52.9 percent of their holiday shopping by December 10.

2.     Digital influence. 78 percent of survey respondents used the internet for research last year, and 80 percent engaged with brands and retailers through digital channels before even setting foot in a store.

3.     Influencer marketing: Influencers have a major impact on online shoppers. Offers shared by trusted advocates (aka influencers) convert at rates 3-10 times higher than offers sent by the brand themselves.

4.     Ad blockers: 200 million online consumers use ad blockers and nearly 79 percent of survey participants feel brands are too intrusive.

5.     Video hauls: 80 percent of shoppers watch video reviews, and shoppers generated over 1.1 billion videos on ‘haul videos’ last year.

To learn more about which verticals are most impacted by influencers, or to see how Pinterest is beating the other social networks this season, view the infographic below.

 [By Kimberlee Morrison] [Read More] [From SocialTimes] [Image From webdesignerdepot]