5 Ways to Become an Instagram Influencer Like Kristina Bazan

It’s no secret that social media is big business for bloggers. Swiss beauty and style blogger Kristina Bazan just became the first million dollar Instagrammer when she landed a rumoured seven-figure beauty campaign with L’Oreal Paris. 

But there is a lot more to making money from your Insta page than simply sticking up a few selfies of you wearing your new favourite lipstick.

We spoke to Kirsty Sharman, head of operations at Webfluential – a website that provides marketing technology for brands to connect to social media influencers – about what you can do to turn your passion for content creation into a full-time career. Below, she shares her top five tips on how to become an influencer. 

1. Create, share and engage with content that you’re passionate about

It’s easiest to grow an audience of people that have similar interests to you, and it also makes the conversations you have online more authentic. I always advise people to start a blog or an Instagram account because they are passionate about posting a specific type of content, the natural evolution of that is growing a niche following - one that brands might want access to one day. 

2. Don’t be afraid to spend time and money growing your audience

If you post great content your audience will naturally grow over time. If you'd like to accelerate that growth it might help to teach yourself about paid advertising, which is now available for Instagram - done the right way and using legitimate tactics, it can help connect your content with the right audience, faster.

3. Follow people who inspire you

The same way that entrepreneurs read books to keep learning, as an up-and-coming influencer you should do something similar, by following Instagramers that inspire you. By keeping a close eye on the Instagram landscape you'll not only learn new tips and tricks from others, but you'll also be inspired creatively.

4. Quality over quantity

Every piece of content you post to Instagram becomes part of your portfolio, your showcase. With the new Instagram algorithm changes it's also a chance to build your profile. Every image you post counts 100 per cent towards your credibility, so make sure you put 100 per cent effort into it.

      5. If you associate yourself with professionals, you will be seen as professional

      The step from being a passionate Instagrammer to one who earns an income by Instagramming for brands is a big one. A sure fire way to let brands know you're ready to take that step is simply by letting it be known - associating yourself with other Instagram influencers and having a professional Media Kit are two ways you can do this.

      Image: Style blogger Kristina Bazan MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

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