6 Beauty Influencers Who Really Know Their Stuff

Not all beauty bloggers are just in it for the freebies – these six are super knowledgeable and write posts that aren’t only inspirational but informative too. Think of them as your own expert hair, makeup and skincare team


Emily Weiss is an ex Vogue US alumni and her site, Intothegloss.com, represents the crème de la crème of accurate and hilariously poignant beauty blogging. We’re jealous of every super-cool contributor and love this blog’s no-nonsense approach to beauty – perfect for all of us real girls.

If you’re a die-hard beauty fan, be sure to read the comments section. Here you’ll find serious debates about everything from waxing it all off to whether the need to use a toner is as much of a myth as the existence of unicorns.


Chantelle Bester of Notanotherpoppie is a trained beauty therapist so you can bet she knows the difference between retinol and retinyl palmitate. This South African’s not shy to tell it like it is and offers educated insight (hooray!) into which products worked for her and which ones she found to be disappointing.

Bester also has a Youtube channel where she uploads makeup tutorials and vlogs about her best buys, ‘empties’ (products she’s just finished) and more.


Nikisha Brunson and Cipriana Quann’s US blog, urbanbushbabes.com, covers everything from music to interior design. Both of these bloggers have the most incredible locks, so it’s not surprising there’s also an awesome section dedicated to natural hair – expect tips, plenty of inspiration and DIY tutorials that’ll teach you to whip up your own all-natural beauty products at home.

Fun fact, Quann has a twin sister called TK (both pictured below) who’s also a contributor to the blog.


Zaahirah Bhamjee of completedisbelief.com has been blogging for over a decade. This diminutive Joburger has a knack for covering everything from travel to fashion – and beauty is one of her strong suits.

Along with sharing beauty news, reviews and advice, Bhamjee seems to be on a quest to find the ultimate DIY face mask. She gets bonus points for not only providing the recipes, but also an honest assessment of how these homemade products made her skin look and feel after she tried them out.


It’s easy to see why over 7.9 million people subscribe to Michelle Phan’s Youtube channel – this US vlogger is a makeup artist with a capital A.

Watch a few of her enjoyable tutorials and you’ll soon be able to recreate your fave celeb’s makeup, or transform yourself into a theatrical character for a costume party.

But it's not just about playing dress up. Phan's vlog – and her website – will also teach you need-to-know beauty basics like how to shape your brows or waterproof your makeup.

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