8 Men's Fashion Bloggers You Need In Your Life

Whether you’re looking for advice on choosing a suit or street style inspiration, we’ve picked out our favourite fashion blogs for guys.


The rise of the male style blogger is happening and these days there are plenty of guys sharing what they’re wearing online, fashion photography, style inspo from the streets and other lifestyle bits and bobs.

Here are some our favourites.

1. The Gentleman Blogger


Matthew Zorpas’ blog The Gentleman Blogger is a stylish mix of fashion, lifestyle and travel with an air of aspirational luxury. Matthew was once recognised as the second best dressed man in Britain – quite the accolade – and the blog, which has a worldwide following, is intended to inspire readers to try things outside their comfort zones.

2. Steve Booker


With a social media following that boasts 83,000 on Twitter and 182,000 on You Tube,Steve Booker is big in the lifestyle blogger/vlogger world. With an accessible mix of casual fashion, design, photography, tech and food, Steve is relatable and his style is affordable.

3. Garcon Jon


Photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce specialises in menswear fashion and street photography, and his blog Garcon Jon has an entire section dedicated to beards. Which makes us happy.

4. Permanent Style London


Another luxury fashion blog, Permanent Style has a big focus on tailoring so if you’re in the market for a new suit, menswear journalist Simon Crompton is your man.

5. Street Etiquette


Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs run the Street Etiquette blog which “showcases style using a cultural, historical and urban perspective”. Their style influences are from all over the world and the photography is stunning.

6. School Boy Couture


If you like travel, stunning photography and urban street style, you’ll appreciate Jefferson Pires’ blog School Boy Couture.

7. Boy From Dagbon


From street style to accessories and fun lifestyle posts, Boy From Dagbon is an accessible blog with loads of great photos. Adbel Abdulai’s blog started as a tumblr site showing off his photography skills, and evolved to focus on the fashion world.

8. Bryan Boy


When it comes to men’s fashion blogging this guy is largely thought of as the original and the best.  Bryan Boy‘s  flamboyant and unique style proves men can have just as much fun experimenting with clothes.


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