Aldo Unlaces Instagram Influencers’ Takes On Holiday Traditions

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Credit: ft.

Credit: ft.


Footwear and accessories retailer Aldo is leveraging the influence of several social media gurus for its new holiday campaign, which offers unique spins on holiday traditions as well as a contest component for Instagram users.

The #InspiredxAldo campaign, developed by digital agency Kettle, sees four creative individuals in four different industries showcase their original traditions in a bid to spread brand awareness and connect with holiday shoppers. The social influencers will also be modeling their favorite accessories and shoes from the retailer, which Instagram fans may purchase from Aldo’s mobile site if they are inspired to do so.

“Social influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful vehicle to grow reach for one’s brand in direct or adjacent market categories,” said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis, San Francisco. “The influencer has a trusted following, and when the influencer shares the brand’s message or offering with his or her network, not only is the brand gaining new reach, the trust and acceptance the influencer’s followers have with the influencer may by association apply to the brand.”

Mixing contemporary and classic
The Instagram-first campaign was designed to bring mobile users behind the scenes of the brand’s creative process, which aims to discover inspiration and transform it into reality. Aldo is also attempting to bolster its audience on social media, a goal which led the retailer to team up with four popular social media influencers that operate outside the traditional fashion space.

Chef and food stylist Karen Mordechai has been tasked with presenting her reinventions of typical holiday desserts. Ms. Mordechai, who boasts 252,000 followers on Instagram, took to Aldo’s official channel over the weekend to upload photos of her cooking a chocolate-based cake, complete with purple pistachios and crème fraiche.

She also curated several of her must-have neutral pieces for holiday get-togethers in a single photo, which included high-heeled boots, a watch and a clutch, all in the color black.

Users who stumble upon the photo and are interested in purchasing the featured items may do so by visiting Aldo’s ecommerce site.

Another influencer set to follow in Ms. Mordechai’s digital footsteps is Brittany Asch, a floral designer who will create an exotic mistletoe. Ms. Asch has more than 33,000 followers, proving her cachet with flower enthusiasts.

Additionally, Leta Sobierajski, a multidisciplinary designer, will curate a piece inspired by gift wrapping, while New York-based photographer Paul Octavious will showcase some of his work.

Aldo sought to roll out a campaign that aligned with its core message, “Inspiration is Everywhere.” Through InspiredxAldo, it hopes that users will associate the brand with these selected personalities.

A Schick executive at the 2015 Mobile Marketing Association Forum New York affirmed that tapping social media influencers catapults the effectiveness and reach of mobile advertising, provided that the influencers are allowed creativity to expand on the brand’s message .

While Aldo will still post photos of footwear and accessories to entice shoppers, it is well-poised to garner a slew of new followers who will appreciate the holiday-related tips brought forth by the social media stars.

Tying in competition
Aldo is adding a dash of competitiveness to the campaign by including a contest component for its Instagram followers. Select contest posts will ask users to tag their most inspirational person in the comments section for a chance to win a $250 Aldo gift card.

One winner will be selected per each post.

The InspiredxAldo campaign could prompt other footwear retailers to branch outside of the usual branded posts and seek fresh ideas from creative individuals whom the social community admires.

The shoe and accessories company has also experimented new advertising methods for Facebook recently.

This past September, Aldo paired Facebook’s popular carousel ad format with shop now buttons to inspire fall shoppers while driving impulse purchases.

“People are overwhelmed with the flood of content coming their way, and marketers are often searching for triggers to rise above the clutter,” Mr. Becker said. “Offering rewards and opportunities to win is a tried-and-true way of capturing someone’s attention and stimulating brand engagement. 

“The trick, however, is to strive for capturing the attention of the audience that finds both the brand and the incentive appealing, rather than simply the incentive. However, engagement alone simply for the incentive, especially through social media, is always good since the program creates brand exposure and has an amplified effect through an individual’s personal social network.”