Alfie Deyes Has A Warning For His YouTube Subscribers

The 22-year-old has been targeted by spammers making fake accounts in his name...

Being a YouTuber is pretty damn great, right? But as Alfie Deyes worked out at the weekend, there are a few downsides to being world-famous online.

The 22-year-old - otherwise known as Pointless Blog - found out that someone was pretending to be him yesterday, and that this could have a disastrous effect on fans.



Alfie Deyes was *not* happy when he saw this screenshot 


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It all started when Alfie received a Twitter message from a follower named Hannah, who'd sent him a screenshot of the fake Alfie offering subscribers 'great gifts'.

Alongside the image, she questioned: 'What does this mean??'



Alfie Deyes wants his fans to be wary of spammers 


Clearly a little concerned, Alfie quickly replied: 'Thats someone pretending to be me. Please DON'T click any links that arnt from my official social media accounts x [sic].'

As expected, this caused quite a frenzy among Tweeters. They started pointing out other accounts they'd seen similar things happen on, and advising users on how to avoid being scammed.

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Alfie Deyes recently jetted off to Barcelona 


Crikey. Let's hope nobody gets fooled. Away from this YouTube dramz, Alfie's been up to quite a few exciting things recently. He recently headed to Barcelona with fellow vlogger Marcus Butler, and has also helped his girlfriend Zoella with a cool purchase.


Alfie Deyes helped Zoella pick up her new car. And he's a *teeny* bit jealous... 


On Friday, Alfie posted a video of Zoella - real name Zoe Sugg - picking up a new Mini. Ooh. But there's one thing he's pretty envious of - the fact that Zoe's ride is an automatic. And he's not afraid to admit it.


Zoella seems pleased with her purchase 


Promoting the vid to his fans, Alfie wrote: 'Im so jealous of Zoe's new car!!'

Ahhh. We're sure you'll get the odd lift or two, Alf!

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