Bloglovin' Releases Users' Most-Searched Terms in Global Inspiration by Nation Report


This week, Bloglovin' released a report with findings that detailed over 6 million of its global users' most popular search terms. Bloglovin's Global Inspiration by Nation report pooled the company's international network of bloggers and users to get a read on the kind of content its consumers were interested in. The resulting infographic reveals a fascinating glimpse into its users' interests.

With the proliferation of blogs and bloggers around the globe, the report offers a comprehensive overview of today's cultural trends on a global scale. Lifestyle topics are key amongst Bloglovin' users -- "Travel," "Yoga" and "D.I.Y." being just a few of the most-searched terms.

In the U.S., the report revealed that travel was the most searched term for users. Considering that a record number of 68 million Americans traveled abroad in 2014, it would seem that travel and cultural experience are goal aspirations in the U.S.

Josh Fischer, Bloglovin's VP of Product, relayed how this finding would inform Bloglovin's content in the future, telling Fashion Times, "The interesting thing about Bloglovin' is that a lot of our users are also our bloggers. Seeing that travel is being searched for the most, it makes sense that the content around travel and other "lifestyle" topics will organically grow in popularity."

The report itself is an indication that the boundaries surrounding fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle content have become blurred.

"We found that in the U.S. and Europe, not surprisingly the top terms were largely around fashion and beauty. What was interesting though was the emergence of other more 'lifestyle' topics such as fitness, yoga, family and travel. A common trajectory we see for many bloggers is that they start out primarily talking about what they wear, but as they build an audience, people want to know more about them as a person; where they vacation, how they stay fit, etc," Fischer explained. 

In the U.K., the most searched term was "Vegan," indicating that Brits are making an effort to live a more health-concious lifestyle. In Germany, the most-searched term was "D.I.Y." In Italy, "Yoga" and in Australia, "Hair."

View the infographic below to get the complete overview of Bloglovin's "Global Inspiration by Nation Report."


(Photo : Courtesy of Bloglovin')

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