Connecting With Influencers to Grow Your Small Business

As a startup/ small business, the main objective constantly on your mind is finding and securing customers. You have spent countless hours planning your business and developing its products and services. Now you are desperate for substantial ROI for all the hard work you have put into transitioning your initial idea into a business. The one problem that exist now is knowing how to effectively attract customers to your business.

The need to attract customers to your business is basically an issue that deals with marketing. Many small businesses know marketing is needed for their business but they tend to operate more upon the concept of hope and depend solely on word of mouth. When it comes to word of mouth, yeah it helps, but it tends to be a slower process that gradually builds over time or it can eventually reach its ceiling for growth.

When you want your small business to grow rapidly, you are going to have to invest in different marketing tactics that will help spur the desired growth. I know, the overall business budget may be tight. But, by you keeping your business unknown to its intended audience, a competitor is profiting from your unwillingness to market your business.

So now you may want to know what are some different marketing tactics that you can utilize in order to grow your business. There are many marketing options available to your business, some more effective than others. One option I want to present to you is using celebrities and influencers to help grow your brand through their public recognition. I already know what you are thinking, "Paying someone like a celebrity will kill my budget!"

Trust me, I understand your concern. True, this option may be more expensive than normal marketing but what is the exchange being given for the price commanded? Your business being broadcasted to thousands or maybe even millions of people. A reach that your small business definitely doesn't have on its own. So, we are talking about a financial risk but a risk that can possibly produce significant ROI for your business.

When choosing to go this marketing route, there are a couple of different options available for your business to use. The options that I have gathered for you are:Revfluence, Bookingagentinfo and Adly.

Revfluence: Revfluence is a the platform where a business can partner with the best content creators in order for these individuals to promote their brand. These content creators are what you would call YouTube and Instagram celebrities. They have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers on these particular social media platforms. These individuals are known as influencers, who can generate thousands of likes and comments on each of their Instagram post and Youtube videos. People known as influencers can influence their followers to check out something they are representing, simply by mentioning how much they enjoy the product or service themselves.

Bookingagentinfo: Bookingagentinfo is a booking agent and management information database for celebrities. This platform provides the email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers of representatives who are a celebrity's contact when it comes to doing business with that celebrity. Bookingagentinfo has done all the legwork for you when it comes to gathering all the contact information that is needed to reach a celebrity. All you have to do is utilize their database in order to get in contact with the celebrity that you believe is the best fit to endorse your business.

Adly: Adly is a digital marketing software and service provider that connects brands with influencers and celebrities. It is a mixture of Revfluence and Bookingagentinfo but they get a little more hands on with their process. You can think of them as consultants who help guide you through the process of creating a campaign driven by a celebrity or influencer. They do this by matching you with the right person and targeting the right audience who will be most receptive to your approach of interaction.

All these mentioned are great options for your business to utilize in order to grow your brand recognition. By doing so, your business is given the opportunity to be spring boarded off of someone else's audience in order to gain awareness and potentially increase sales.

Business is all about taking the risk to pursue an opportunity that can potentially reward you handsomely with a sizable financial return. While other small businesses are playing it small with their marketing efforts, are you willing to play it big in order to produce big results?

[By Yura Bryant] [Read More] [Image from Teen Vogue]