Could You survive as Lara Croft? YouTube Stars Try their Hand at Stunts from Latest Game in Siberia

Gamers have followed the adventures of virtual heroine Lara Croft through nearly twenty years of Tomb Raider, traveling with her from ancient ruins to a mysterious island. 

Behind the safety of the screen, gamers have braved her many perils—but what if they had to do it in real life?

Xbox put four YouTubers to the challenge, to take a walk in the world of Lara Croft and survive the deep Siberian wilderness. 

With just 48 hours to complete their tasks, YouTubers Oli White, Jade Jolie, Yammy xox, and Tom Syndicate arrived to the site of Lara's first expedition in the new game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and set out to escape Siberia.

The tasks challenged the physical abilities and survival skills of the four team members, and pushed them beyond the limits of their fears.

Footage of the experience shows the team following Lara's path, from high cliffs through the canopy of the forest, to the snowy mountaintops.

The first challenge had the team scaling the high rocks of a Siberian cliff with narrow footholds and little room for error.

'I have no idea how to do it, and I'm terrified,' Yammy xox can be heard saying.

'I've never been so scared.'

Fear was common during the 48 hour expedition, but teamwork helped the adventurers through. 

YouTuber Jade Jolie can be heard asking her teammates to give her a push to get started before zip-lining through the dense forest.

Everyone survived the challenge, but not without a couple of scares. 

YouTuber Oli White can be seen losing his footing during the first task, dangling from the rock by his safety ropes.

Some challenges, like archery, focused on the precision and skills of the YouTubers. Each teammate was required to hit the target with their arrows before moving on.

'I've been doing rock climbing, I've been doing archery, I almost saw Oli White die,' Syndicate says in the video.

The team set up camp with the arrival of nightfall, and slept among the wolves and bears. 

A helicopter ride brought the group to its final destination, the mountains. Harsh winds can be seen sending snow hurtling toward the faces of the travelers as they make their way up to the top.

'What we've done is literally what happens in the game,' Oli White says. The other participants appear to agree.

'I've definitely been channeling my inner Lara on this trip,' says Yammy xox.


Borrowing the adventures from Lara Croft's virtual world, the Xbox challenge has brought these YouTubers closer to a Tomb Raider reality.

'I'm a huge Tomb Raider fan so for me this has been an incredible experience,' says Jade Jolie, who will be moving on to the next step, to stand against the elements atop the Survival Billboard in London. 

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