EdCast Launches "10 Minute Insight Series" With Worldwide Influencers

EdCast, the fast-growing social knowledge network, today launched its 10 Minute Insight Series. The series is the first interactive setting for global influencers to share their specialized insights to help better the world. The series’ mission is letting knowledge seekers and lifelong learners interact and gain bite-sized pieces of knowledge from a wide-range of specialists to help understand and answer global issues. Participants who join the series can ask questions and connect with influencers in real time—for free.

“We are grateful to be associated with the sharpest minds of our times –influencers and trend setters who are generously sharing their insights on the EdCast platform.”

“EdCast’s Insight Series aims to redefine learning using social-mobile networks with live narratives to inspire communities from around the world,” explained Karl Mehta, founder & CEO of EdCast Inc. “Our vision and mission is to empower, ignite and activate people around the world through this global social knowledge network.”

This series on global knowledge sharing will be led by Kunal Sood, the founding curator of TEDx UN Plaza and NOVUS, along with an eminent advisory board that have vetted and selected many high-level influencers (see schedule). EdCasters will be able to recommend future influencers to the advisory board for consideration.

“The series takes the EdCast experience to the next level,” continued Mehta. “We are grateful to be associated with the sharpest minds of our times –influencers and trend setters who are generously sharing their insights on the EdCast platform.”

"There is need for people to connect with the great minds over short bite-size live interactions that can help change our world. I’m glad that EdCast is launching this live series” said Roger Novak, founder of Novak Biddle Venture Partners.

The line-up of participants includes Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems; Tim Draper, managing partner, DFJ; Seth Levine, co-founder, Foundry Group; Dan Cohen, CEO, TechStars; Ajay Banga, CEO, MasterCard; Naveen Jain, founder, Intelius; Vivek Ranadive, owner, Sacramento Kings; Robert Scoble, blogger and technological evangelist; Dean Ornish, world renown alternative medicine expert; Vivek Wadwah, named on TIME ’s 50 Most Influential Minds; Arwed Niestroj, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development NA, Michèle Angelique Flournoy, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy; Adam Jackson, co-founder, CEO of Dr. Phil’s Doctor On Demand and winner of Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge; Charles Michael Yim, co-founder, Breathometer (first startup to get all sharks on Shark Tank to invest); Richard Titus, founder, Razorfish LA; Noel Lee, founder & CEO, Monster Products; Justin Kan, founder of Justin.TV; Ben Parr, author of Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention, and Lars Rasmussen, co-creator of Google Maps.

For further information please contact Nick Opich, RLM PR at 212-471-5005 or write to edcast@RLMpr.com

About EdCast

EdCast is a social knowledge network built in an effort to enhance our ability to collaborate and learn. EdCast Knowledge NetworksTM power social, mobile and cloud-based learning for influential institutions, enterprises, governments and nonprofits and enables millions of lifelong learners to collaborate. The EdCast executive team has a track record of building large-scale transformational technology; all are passionate about the global impact of mobile and online education. EdCast is a Stanford StartX company backed by tier one VCs. The Company is based in Silicon Valley, with offices worldwide.

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