Facebook, Instagram Are Influencers' Favorite Social Platforms

Credit: Instagram.com/caitlinclairexo

Credit: Instagram.com/caitlinclairexo

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Most influencers are compensated by direct payment and product

Influencers use different social media platforms to help promote and get the word out about the brands they are working with. Nearly a third of US influencers who currently work with brands cite Facebook as being the best platform for influencer marketing, followed closely by Instagram, per July 2016 research from SheSpeaks, a female-focused engagement network, which polled 347 US influencers who have an active blog, and are active on social media.

It’s not surprising that Facebook and Instagram were considered to be among the best social media platforms for influencer marketing, especially given that most influencers use photo and video content when marketing on behalf of brands. What is surprising is that only 10% of influencers cited Pinterest, a content sharing service that’s all about images and videos. In fact, more respondents considered Twitter to be the best social media platform, and they can only use up to 140 characters within that platform to promote a brand. What’s more,Pinterest even has more users than Twitter in the US as of this year.

Overall, 96% of respondents said their experience working with brands was somewhat positive or very positive. And when it came to being compensated for their work, roughly three-quarters of influencers said they have been in both direct payment and product. Some 17% have been compensated via product only, and 6% had been compensated only via direct payment.

Influencer marketing is rapidly gaining popularity among brand marketers, and giving influencers creative freedom and striving for a symbiotic relationship are key.

Marketers can use influencers in a variety of ways, whether to get the word out about a product, or to simply mention their brand. According to April 2016 research from TapInfluence, an influencer marketing automation platform, and Altimeter Group, a technology research company, nearly three-quarters of US marketers said ongoing ambassadorships were one of the most effective uses of influencers. Product reviews, brand mentions, event coverage and sponsored content—all of which also fall under the ongoing ambassadorship umbrella—were also cited as effective influencer marketing tactics.