Fashion Model Loses Thousands of Followers Just by Showing What She Looks Like in ‘Real Life’

Stina Sanders was just like every other model: Instagram pictures brilliantly curated, every pose within an inch of perfection, stunning filters, and not a hair out of place.

A model and writer living in the UK, she has acquired thousands of followers.

Case in point:

According to The Tab, after reading about Essena O’Neill, who, after acquiring nearly a million Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, gave up social media because she was tired of pretending to be perfect, Sanders decided to make a life-change.

She went au naturale on Instagram for a week and instead showed people her normal beauty routine.

Sanders told The Tab:

“I hate the way social media can portray people…I think Insta-fame is a bit ridiculous if I’m honest. It fuels young minds to feel that they’re not doing well because they’re not driving the latest Range Rover or wearing a Rolex – but they’re only 16.”


Regarding her experiment, she told People:

“Normally I would use a filter or an airbrushing app, so I made sure I really didn’t do that. Most of them I didn’t have on any makeup or my hair was disheveled, and no filters were used at all.”

Sanders believed it would simply be a fun thing to do, but it made an unexpected impact. She says more women comment on her photos, while men seemingly fell off the face of the Insta-earth.

Sanders lost nearly 25 percent of her followers. She’s since gained back much of what she lost.

Here are the best of the best of Sanders’ Instasperiment (that’s Instagram experiment, you see):

Not-so-happy feet:

I mustache you a question:

(Insert Poo Joke)

In the end, Sanders says she simply wants people to be themselves:

Sanders has even inspired some (flattering?) fan art. Frieda, everybody:


Beauty isn’t just skin deep – being authentic and having a sense of humor goes a long way.

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