Helsinki Fashion Week – Recap #2

Like all Fashion Week editions, Helsinki Fashion Week made an effort to reflect the Capital’s style through the designers invited to participate, both local and foreign. They all brought interesting proposals which were influenced by urban trends and Nordic elements.

In this recap we will focus on two of the international brands and a Finnish Brand figuring out how they fit into Nordic Style trends. The two international brands were Ukraine’ s Ksenia Schnaider and Russia’s Arny Praht,  we thought of covering these brands as they clearly have a style that fits within the Nordics and the fact that having them here reflects an increased interest in our region. We close the recap by taking a good look at the rebel style of the Helsinki based Aito Studios, the only brand which sole focus was menswear. 


Ksenia Schnaider

Ksenia Schnaider is a young vibrant brand from Kiev, it’s style is artful and clean, the shapes and cuts make it a vivid display of elegance. During the open interview the designers talked a bit about the challenges of designing in Ukraine, a country which is sometimes faced to difficult situations that make it difficult to focus at times. The designers though, are in good spirits and their clothes show positivity and class rather than grimmer elements that we would associate with war-torn nations. The connection between our Eastern European Neighbors is quite visible as the designs for this collection are minimal and favor interesting cuts rather than volume.

Arny Praht

Helsinki Fashion Week’s sister event of St. Petersburg Fashion Week was present through a special guest representing them on the runway. The designer chosen was the St. Petersburg native Arny Praht, a designer that identifies his style as Nordic. The play with classic shapes and dramatic pieces transformed into Jedi-like garments that could really work in the Art scene of Helsinki and maybe even Stockholm.


Aito Studios

The last brand we will Recap today is Aito Studios, the Helsinki-based brand that embodies both Nordic Style and the free-spirited Helsinki Hipster Scene. The designers play with urban style and military style clothes that seemed to be customized by the best of Brooklyn . The brand has an Argentinian Gaucho vibe that really called my attention due to the fact that it was perfectly blended in the Nordic minimal greys, blacks and military greens. The outfits came with complete poncho-like pieces and hats, it was indeed great to see a bold Finnish brand focus solely on men during this edition of Helsinki Fashion Week.

The brand might be young but they already know exactly who they are,  they are heavily grounded in the Helsinki, Kallio district but (maybe inadvertently) they pay homage to Latin style miles away. This is definitively a brand to follow from now on, we now leave you with some of their best looks and don’t forget to check out Recap #1 and our conclusion later on in Recap #3.


 [By Beto Guzman Abundes]  [Read More] [From NordicStylemag] [Image From Nordicstylemag]