How Many of Australia's Top 33 Digital Influencers Do You Follow?

Another day, another dollar. Another year, another awards ceremony. Pedestrian's teamed up with Intel to once again highlight the sublime talent of Australia's blogosphere. The competition this year is on a whole new level – pitting the best-of-the best against each other. With the help of Intel, we're curating content that'll explore all things blogging. This will include things like tips on how to create your own platform, and how to deal with the h8rs. Get keen, y'all. It's set to be, like, the best year yet (here's hoping). 

As you might have seen, Pedestrian.TV's hit double digits and we're totally psyched to start going through puberty over the next few years. 

For five of those ten glorious years, we've been throwing a shindig to celebrate Australia's blogging and social influencing elite. 


Pedestrian's living proof that if you own your noise on interwebs, put in the hard-yards and manage to build a following (while every man and their French Bulldog's out there having a crack at winning cyber space over) then you've well and truly earned the right to a bit of recognition. 

In a nutshell; we appreciate their hustle.

So, without further ado, we'd like to introduce:



This year we're shaking things up (there's been a few times we’ve been around this track, so it's not just gonna happen just like that).  We're stacking the crème de la crème of Australia's social influencers against one another for the ultimate show-down, with their efforts scrutinised by a panel of judges whose infamy has been established by their contributions within the industry.  The nominees will experience the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. Yep, 2015's Blogster Awards will be one for the history books, kids. Here are the categories we've whisked up this year, as well as the respective nominees.

FASHION. Pretty people wearing pretty things. 

Margaret Zhang – Shine By Three

Mimi Elashiry -

Sara Donaldson – Harper And Harley

Amanda Shadforth – Oracle Fox

Luc Wiesman – D'MARGE


FOOD. Stunning visuals of all things nom-nom.

Guy Turland & Mark Alston - Bondi Harvest

Andy Allen – The Curious Chef

Lorraine Elliott – Not Quite Nigella

Sneh Roy - Cook Republic

Georgia McDermott - George Eats


TRAVEL & PHOTOGRAPHY. A category that really hammers home a general resentment for the 9-to-5 grind.

Patrick Stevenson  Hobogestapo

Ainsley Hutchence & Sebastien Fougere – Sticks And Stones

Eugene Tan – Aquabumps

Mitch Ross and Mitch Tomlinson – Life Without Andy

Sarah Bahbah – Raised By The Wolves

Jessica Stein – Tuula Vintage


MUSIC, TECH & CULTURE. The ones who make sure we're always kept in the loop – thankfully.

The Design Kids

Startup Daily

Stoney Roads

The Design Files

Who The Hell


COMEDY. Lols for days and days.

Bondi Hipsters

Michael Cusack



The Katering Show

Huw Parkinson


LIFESTYLE (BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITSPO). The ones who decide what's hawt, and what's naht.

Lauren Curtis

Chloe Morello

Diana Johnson & Felicia Oreb - Base Body Babes

Jessica Sepel - JSHealth

Kayla Itsines

Eleanor Pendleton - Gritty Pretty

To find out more about the nominees click HERE.

We'll be releasing ~exclusive~ content ('cause we're that bloody awesome that we can get, like, exclusives) about the social influencers and the business of their business, so keep your eyes peeled.  


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