How To Be A Youtuber Course Launched At City of Glasgow College

A new college course will teach the basics of how to set up your own YouTube channel and brand.

City of Glasgow College is now offering an evening adult education course called How to be a YouTuber/Vlogger.

The ten-week course is focussed on teaching the basics of channel-building to those with “basic IT skills in internet, email and social media”. It costs £150 to take part, and it will begin on 6 September 2016.

The course will focus on a new topic each week, starting with “How To Set Up Your Own Channel”. It will explore the use of various platforms and devices, and the different styles of vlog that exist, and will end with a session on “Rolling Out Your Channel”.

The college’s website informs that the course will be “taught by a YouTuber in a webcam-equipped room” rather than by a traditional lecturer. Further information as to who will be teaching the course is not yet available.

Anyone interested can find out more about the course or sign up on the City of Glasgow College’s website.

[By: Daria Skubich] [Ten Eighty Magazine] [Read More]