Inside the House that YouTube Built: Web stars Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman Splash Out £2m on Lavish London Home

They are the internet sensations who have taken YouTube - and the teenage market - by storm.

Now Jim Chapman, 27, and his wife Tanya Burr, 26, have splashed out almost £2million on a four bedroom London home after striking gold on advertising deals linked to their web channels and by selling a host of products that cover everything from pencil cases to make-up brushes.

The couple, who make up so-called ‘Team Internet’ due to their huge web audiences of adoring fans, have become the latest online sensations to snap up properties matching their luxury lifestyles.


First it was the ‘Zalfie’ pad in Brighton, home to the reputed King and Queen of YouTube Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg, who run the Pointless blog and Zoella YouTube channels respectively.

Now Chapman and Burr – who have almost seven million YouTube subscribers between them – are settling into the property after buying it earlier this summer. 

They have since got married, although they have kept their own names.

Jim regularly films from inside the house for his ‘Everyday Jim’ channel, often in the basement kitchen and television room.

The ground floor living area is also the backdrop to several of Tanya's recent videos, such as her 'gold smoky eye make-up tutorial'.

Jim is known for his uploads on his eponymous and Everyday Jim channels, while Tanya focuses on make-up tutorials and fashion.

They each have a range of products they promote via their YouTube channels, including the Love Tanya book and stationery products. 

The star couple among the new wave of internet celebrities have turned their lives into a lucrative business and amassed a fortune that has enabled them to buy a £1,950,000 London home.

The star couple are settling into the property after buying it earlier this summer. They have since got married, although they have kept their own names. 

Jim regularly comments in his YouTube channels about how broody he is and recently stated on one of his videos that the couple may decide to share a surname once they have children.

The couple currently have a dog Martha, which is featured heavily on their channels running around the kitchen and back garden.

The four-bedroom and three bathroom property is large enough for plenty of baby rooms, if the popular internet couple do decide to start a family. Pictures of the property revealed here were taken before they moved in.

Between them, Jim and Tanya have racked up 6.7 million subscribers on YouTube, who follow the couple for the insights into their lives and home. 

One of the bedrooms at the top of the property is where Jim films many of his videos for his main YouTube channel.

The house covers more than 1,700 square foot. The couple clearly want to jazz it up as Jim recently commented the house was 'bare'.

'This house is quite bare. I love the house, but everything is white and it needs decoration [sic],' he explained in his recent 'Christmas is coming' video.

'We are finally getting around to making the house a home. We still have loads of empty space. But we are constantly looking at nice things...hopefully we will get some nice bits and bobs around. We are getting more homely. We've been here four months...laziness sets in and you end up doing nothing.'

Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr both come from Norwich where most of their family is still based. The family runs various YouTube channels and has millions of followers between them.

Jim's sisters are also YouTube stars, Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste, who run the make-up channel Pixiwoo. At the same time, Jim's brother is one half of the Lean Machines fitness YouTube channel. 

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