Instagram now vital for fashion industry, bloggers

Marianna Hewitt of

Marianna Hewitt of

Cultivating fashion inspiration, finding out the latest fashion trends and figuring out how to wear wardrobe essentials has never been so easy, and it is all thanks to Instagram.

Both a social media platform and a creative outlet, Instagram allows users to post and share photos to a community of more than 300 million users.

With Instagram, fashion lovers and the clothing-obsessed have the fashion industry literally at their fingertips.

Gone are the days of hoarding Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. Fashion bloggers, fashion designers, retail stores and fashion magazines have all joined the app, creating the ultimate fashion community.

The tremendous amount of Instagram users allows fashion-focused individuals to fill their Instagram feed with style from around the world.

Wondering if thigh-high boots are trending in New York for the winter season? There’s a New York-based Instagram user with an outfit post about that. Curious where to buy the trending cape blazer? There is a retail store that just posted about the clothing piece with the caption, “Shop now, direct link in bio.”

Instagram’s fashion capabilities not only allow fashionistas to share their personal style, but they also give the fashion newbies an open door to the wonderful world of clothing, accessories and shoes.

In regards to being easily accessible, the app is available on smartphones, an item every individual carries nowadays and looks at every five seconds. This allows fashion addicts to constantly check updates on the latest clothing collections, must-haves and, most importantly, amount of likes their “OOTD,” or "outfit of the day," received.

Fashion-related hashtags such as “OOTD,” “WIWT,” or "what I wore today," “instafashion” and “stylegram” are helpful for users who wish to explore or contribute to the app’s fashion community. The hashtag “OOTD” alone has over 70 million posts, according to the app.

Hashtags are merely the tipping point of the app’s newly created fashion community. Tags, on the other hand, make finding that perfectly chunky turtleneck sweater on your favorite fashion blogger’s post exceptionally easy.

Users can tag their clothing items directly to a retailer or designer’s page, answering the ultimate question of, “Where did she or he get that from?” Not to mention, when a user tags a retailer or designer, chances are they might like or even repost the photo.

Even with all the benefits of Instagram’s fashion community, there are downsides.

Scrolling through a feed or even an Explore page can showcase a lack of originality.

Everyone’s style can start to merge together in an unsettling commonality to the point where it seems like everyone is either wearing the same exact thing or styling items in the same exact way. The fashion world then starts to look the same from street style and runway to bloggers and fashion celebrities.

Instagram is an open platform that individuals can use as they please. As a creative platform, users can gather inspiration from the app as a sort of resource and even use it to follow the trends. If this means trying out the popular minimal wardrobe, then go for it. Everyone uses social media in his or her own way.

Although fashion magazines will always have their place in my heart as well as in the hearts of other fashion-obsessed individuals, Instagram has become the go-to for all things fashion in today’s digital age.

Besides, scrolling through a feed and seeing the fashion universe in the palm of your hand is a definite perk. 

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