Kimiperi: The Unique Fashion Blogger

Although the Internet is full of fashion bloggers trying to distinguish their style from the vast concurrence, there will always be some individuals that stand out in the crowd. One of those individuals is Kimiperi – a model and fashion blogger from Germany.

Kimiperi started her career on Instagram only in July last year but has managed to reach over 50k fans since then. With the passing of time, she extended her social media and got more into blogging. But what does make Kimiperi so unique?

First of all, she quickly turned out to be a person who is extremely difficult to copy. Although being ‘unique’ is becoming a cliché phrase these days, Kimiperi seems an exception among the wide range of international fashion bloggers.

Kimiperi distinguishes herself from other fashion bloggers wearing pastel wigs, ancient-themed jewelery and supporting unknown independent brands. Her quirky style is a combination of grunge, steam punk, gothic and, surprisingly, vintage. The way she dresses can never be specifically described, as the blogger loves to play with her outfits, wigs and makeup. Jumping from leather jackets, fitted gothic dresses and platform boots to grey oversized jumpers, cat t-shirts and claret creepers and taking off her long white wig and changing it to a violet one, the blogger remains herself and never says never to new experiments.

Kimiperi describes herself as ‘passionate about nature, art, veganism, anime and videogames’. The fairy-tale petite woman reminds us of an anime character herself. Her slim posture sparks a lot of controversy around some of her fans and is the reason for many arguments under her Instagram posts. However, the first outrage suddenly decreased as Kimiperi decided to talk about her vegan diet and her need for acceptance in the world that so harshly judges people on their appearance. Kimiperi asked for respect for her look and some kind of understanding of her personal aesthetics, unconnected with potential eating disorders some of her fans were suggesting she had been suffering from. Instead of giving up and letting the audience to bully her, Kim stood up and argued that she has a right to look the way she does if that stands for the health of her mind and body. With the passing of time, she also started introducing the public to more specific aspects of her vegan lifestyle.

Kimiperi respects her private life. Although she publishes new photos on Instagram on a daily basis, she hardly ever mentions any facts from her private life. You will not find any names, places, cheeky snapchats from Friday night parties or makeup sessions. One could say that would explain the title of her blog: ‘Unreal’. No one knows her age, surname, or if she has a partner, just as if she does not exist. Still, behind the fairy coat made out of dreamy outfits and mysterious smiles, she goes on with her (extra) ordinary life of dreams.

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