Making Bank (and a Splash): Meet the Seven Ladies Who Are Ruling YouTube

If you've been sleeping on these YouTubers, you've made a huge mistake. 

Whether it's drunkenly baking cupcakes or impersonating their parents or showing off their favorite new beauty projects, these seven women have welcomed millions (and millions, and millions) of subscribers into their lives – and are building empires on and off the computer screen. 

Study up – these are the seven women to watch. 

1. Lilly Singh: The Superhero
Lilly Singh is, to put it plainly, hilarious. She has the comedic timing of someone who's been on the stand-up circuit for 60 years – but unlike someone who's been doing stand-up comedy for 60 years, Singh is blowing up. The 27-year-old comedian has built her cult following by filling her Superwoman channel with hilarious sketches and vlogs, as well as adorable interviews (like this one with Selena Gomez) that show off just how much of a geek she actually is. 

2. Ingrid Nilsen: The DIY Diva
It's hard to watch Nilsen's beautifully crafted videos – which cover fashion, beauty, cooking and DIY house stuff – and not resent her, at least just a little, for her beautifully crafted life. But just a second into watching her videos that resentment disappears, because Nilsen's warm, personable style (and inspiring honesty regarding her sexuality) have made 3.8 million subscribers fall in love. 

3. Hannah Hart: The Baller
The My Drunk Kitchen host is everything a role model should be: Funny. Smart. Talented. And... kind of buzzed. Hart's 2.3 million subscribers know what's up.

4. Gigi Gorgeous: The Glamazon
The star beauty-vlogging Youtuber, who talks openly about transitioning from male to female, not only won over the hearts of 1.9 million followers, but is already rubbing elbows with such luminaries such as Kylie Jenner, Hillary Clinton, and Adam Lambert (the trifecta, basically) and picking up Steamy Awards left and right.

5. Lindsey Stirling: The Prodigy
Sometimes, all we can say when watching Stirling's masterful violin videos is "damn." And then again: "Damnnnnnn." The self-made violinist is rocking Youtube (and her devoted 7.1 million subscribers) with stunning music videos of her performances. Stirling, who was turned down by major record labels when she began pursing music, because a rock star on her own terms.

6. Rosanna Pansino: The Baking Wizard
Nerdiness + Baking = Our two main passions in life, which is why Pansino, the woman behind the Nerdy Nummies channel is our role model. (Her 4.8 million subscribers agree.)

7. Grace Helbig: The Class Clown
Helbig is casually taking over YouTube with her adorkable videos that just make you want to be best friend more than you've ever wanted anything in your life. Her channel GraceinABox, which has more than 2.7 million subscribers, is full of hilarious interviews (we're partial to her hang out sesh with The Rock), weird activities and jokes. Lots of jokes.

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