Reality TV nabs online influencers

Long-running reality TV show, The Amazing Race, has decided to blur the borders between social and traditional media in an attempt to attract younger viewers.

 The next season will feature 22 social media ‘celebrities' from Instagram, YouTube, Vine and viral video stars.

The show's host, Phil Keoghan, will live-stream the first leg of the race – which kicks off this Sunday – to his Facebook page.

"This unique experience will provide fans a real-time look behind the scenes of season 28," states the show's Web site. "If you're a social media junkie, then this season was totally made for you."

The Amazing Race sees 11 teams of two people, usually related or in a relationship, race around the world completing tasks. Each episode, the last team to arrive at the finish line is eliminated.

Keoghan told Mashable in an interview: "Technology isevolving so quickly, sometimes it feels like we're actually living in the future.

"We've decided to give a group of the world's biggest social media stars a chance to share the world with audiences like never before."

The participants:
Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl: YouTube and ‘Psychobabble' podcast hosts
Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins: YouTube ‘Rooster Teeth' co-hosts
Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis: ‘Clevver' YouTube co-hosts
Sheri and Cole LaBrant: Vine
Zach and Rachel King: Vine
Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina: YouTube
Jessica Versteeg and Brittany Oldehoff: Instagram models
Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman: YouTube
Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith: YouTube
Cameron and Darius Benson: Vine
Scott and Blair Fowler: YouTube

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