Sprite is Paying Sneaker "Influencers" to Post Ridiculous Photos of Soda Cans in Shoes

Our friends over at TheShoeGame spotted this interesting Twitter conversation between JBF Customs and others regarding the fact that Sprite is now paying sneaker influencers to jam their latest holiday exclusive soda cans into sneakers for some cross promotion. It’s a funny bit of Instagram glory, seeing some heat being cooled off by Sprite’s latest in a ploy to gain some traction in sneaker world. It’s really nothing new because everything from soda cans to power tools have been to nudge their way into the highly populated social media-based sneaker community for some maximum exposure, but I think putting soda cans in shoes is a clear display of disobeying the rules of internet marketing. Check out some of our favorite holiday Sprite shoe trees below and let us know if you think this is a bit far-fetched in the comments section.

[By Patrick Johnson] [Read More] [From Sneakernews] [Image From icysole.com]