'Straya's' Top Male Fashion Blogger on Making Bank as a "Fabulous Nobody"



A lot has changed over the last decade: Pedestrian was born (happy 10th birthday to us!), Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion, before reverting back to Snoop Dogg, and running a blog became a legitimate and lucrative career.

Over the last few years, there's been a rise in male fashion bloggers, and one of the best - Luc Wiesman of D'MARGE - is nominated for a Blogster Award - Fashion Category, presented by Intel.  

 We grilled him about personal style, fashion essentials, and making it in an industry that's dominated by ~ladies~.

On how he developed his personal style:

"My personal style is always developing. Every season I find new pieces which can stay in my wardrobe for 5-10 years. That’s the important thing about fashion - you can always reinvent your personal style; developing, refining and so forth."

On advice he's give to anyone still trying to develop their personal style:

"My advice for anyone trying to develop their style is to pick a few people whose style you admire and try to copy their looks. You’ll soon find that you’ll be able to mix and match items from different looks, and that will become the base of your personal style."

On the three timeless pieces every man needs in his wardrobe:

1. A black leather jacket. Preferably well made so you have it for years. The more it gets worn the better it looks.

2. White sneakers - Especially for this summer. They’re no longer just for chavs.

3. A dark coloured suit - You’ll need it for weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs.

On the advice he has for anyone who wants to get into style blogging:

"Fuck Instagram. Fuck Facebook. Focus on your content and your website. Build your own platform. Most importantly, you own it - not Mark Zuckerberg."

On the advice he has for anyone who's trying to live a luxurious lifestyle on a budget:

"Get into blogging. There’s so many brands flying fabulous nobodies around the world, you’re bound to get a turn eventually. Look at me. I did and continue to do so."

[By Stephanie Anderson] [Read More] [From Pedestrian.tv] [First Image From Clearly.com.au]