Study Confirms the Growing Influence of YouTube Beauty Vloggers

In a study published earlier this year, French agency Influence4you already highlighted the considerable influence of French YouTube beauty vloggers who overtook women’s sites in terms of powerendorsement and impact. Today, an updated version of the study, based on more recent data, shows that this continues to be true and even stronger than at the beginning of the year.

Indeed, new data collected in July 2015 show that YouTube beauty channels still rank far ahead women’s sites in terms of time spentwatching videos compared to time spent reading articles. Furthermore, the gap has increased and is larger now than it was in the previous study.

YouTube beauty vloggers also appear to have a more targeted publicthan women’s sites. Between 85% and 95% of YouTube beauty channels viewers are female, compared to 60% only of women’s sites readers that benefit from a significant proportion of male readers visiting them after query results on Google.

However, the high impact of YouTube beauty vloggers has to be considered through age criteria. Indeed, the average age of women’s websites readers is fairly similar to the average age of the French population (which was 41 years in 2013), except for specialized sites that mostly target the younger readers, such as Madmoizelle. On the contrary, the average age of YouTube beauty channels viewers is much younger (around 21 years).


As far as social media are concerned, women’s sites rank first on Facebook, in terms of fans, but YouTube beauty vloggers rank far ahead on Twitter and Instagram, which allow them to leverage their audience.

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