Successful Social Content Campaigns: Creative Prompts

Imagine you’re a digital creative: You’ve built an audience on a number of social platforms by creating original, authentic content. As your audience grows, so does your influence on social media. One day someone approaches you about a brand promotion. And then another. Working with brands is great; that is, until you have to give up creative control.

This is probably a familiar story for up-and-coming new media creatives. Smaller brands might be willing to give influencers more space to develop organic content, but bigger brands have more to lose when giving influencers creative control. However, the tendency for brand control could stifle creativity and sabotage an influencer campaign.

Here’s the thing: the power of social media influencers is in their ability to connect with their audiences authentically. The most effective influencer campaigns are those where the creatives are free to be themselves. Indeed, it’s precisely the authentic connection with a specific target audience that brands seek to leverage when enlisting influencers.

Of course, brands have to be concerned with achieving campaign goals and provide guidelines. But a good brand-influencer partnership starts with recruiting the right creative talent in the first place. Once the partnership is in place, provide clear goals and a prompt designed to inspire, then let the influencer do what they do best.

According to young social media creative Brent Rivera, who has partnered with big brands like Coke, it’s better for brands to give influencers as much creative control as possible. He shared with us that he has learned from experiences where he agreed to create “very brandy” content, and his followers just where not into it.

“The more organic the content is to the creator, the better the result,” he said.

Below are three examples of highly-creative influencer posts that are inspired by smart prompts.

1. This beautifully-shot mountain stream photography is taken by influencer Benj Haisch as part of Camelbak’s #livingcolorful campaign. The prompt given is: show us how color embodies your life in the outdoors.

2. This Instagram picture is where influencer Allison Holker channels iconic star Marilyn Monroe to promote Lifetime TV’s new miniseries “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.” The prompt given is: recreate one of Marilyn’s more somber moments.

3. With perfect visuals and organically-integrated captions, Dutch ballerina Melissa Chapski brings to life Degree’s #gamechanger campaign for its female line. The prompt given is: tell and show us your physical game changing moment in your sport that took you to the next level.

[By Eric Dahan] [Read More] [Image from Intel]