TapInfluence Announces TapExchange, an Exclusive, Opt-In Influencer Marketplace, Enabling Brands to Target and Reach Engaged Audiences at Scale

Today, TapInfluence, the leading provider of influencer marketing automation software, announced TapExchange, its proprietary influencer marketplace of more than 30,000 opt-in, vetted, and experienced digital influencers who create content across blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, and Pinterest. Through TapExchange, which reaches over 2.1B consumers worldwide, brands and agencies have the ability to target precise audiences by vertical interests and demographic characteristics. Influencers, no longer strictly defined by celebrity status, are everywhere in a world where 92 percent of consumers trust earned media above all other forms of advertising, according to Nielsen.

“The metrics around influencer marketing today are evolving beyond ‘social reach,’ which was the only indicator during the first era of influencer marketing when brands depended on celebrity endorsements. Influence is not about courting celebrities, it’s about engaging real consumers with authentic social reach (we call them ‘influencers’) that create high-impact, value-add content on preferred social channels that sway the behavior and mindset of consumers,” said Promise Phelon, Chief Executive Officer of TapInfluence. “With TapExchange, brands can rest easy knowing that our influencers are vetted, opt-in, reliable, and highly-qualified, resulting in an average acceptance rate of 80 percent for brand campaigns, compared to the industry norm of less than 20 percent. With the rise of ad blocking, digital media buys are moving more towards influencer marketing on a daily basis and TapExchange meets that demand for influencer ‘inventory’ as our marketplace has grown 500 percent year over year.”

TapExchange empowers brands to identify and mobilize influencers that not only match their needs, but also closely align with their audience’s interests. Brands and agencies are able to work with influencers who are deeply committed to a given vertical, while being staunch advocates for the quality of content they deliver to their fans and followers. TapExchange’s marriage of influencer profile data, influencer cost per engagement performance data, and audience data, such as age, location, gender, and household income, helps brands and agencies reach the right consumers, with the right content, at the right time, drastically improving targeting capabilities and increasing ROI by 2.5x.

“For us, influencer marketing is a must-have in the marketing mix because it helps brands tell real stories through content ideation, creation, and distribution,” said Virginia Devlin, founder and president of Current. “TapExchange allows us to search more than 35 criteria, including education, language, and topics, to find experienced influencers who we know will create compelling content. Before, that vetting process was done manually, which was unscalable.”

“Accessing [the right] consumer within moments, not days or weeks, means we’re able to treat influencer initiatives as an always-on strategy,” added Devlin. “TapExchange also provides advanced analytics to measure coverage, conversation, and cost-per-engagement so we can better calculate the true ROI of this high-performing channel.”

“While I never used to self-describe as an ‘influencer’ I realize I am one now as brands seek me out for the authenticity of my work and loyalty I’ve built with my audience; today anyone can be an influencer, regardless of reach. As a part of TapExchange, I know the brand opportunities are already a fit for my readership, but I still have the power to say no if something’s not a perfect fit to me,” said Alicia Chew of http://www.aliciatenise.com. “TapInfluence also automates the updating of my profile so I know that brands are always seeing the most up to date information, and they keep me up to date on how to increase my social influence and work with me as a partner.”

Armed with Influencer Marketing Automation, brands and agencies can scale their efforts with trusted influencers across relevant demographics, content types, and channels to create content—from videos to images to written material—that is more impactful and more share-worthy than anything they could have could ever generated at scale manually.

About TapInfluence

TapInfluence offers the leading Influencer Marketing Automation platform, providing brands and agencies with the technology to create, scale, and maintain better relationships with consumers by harnessing the reach and relevance of online influencers.

We power the influence economy and are honored to work with leading brands like Kraft, Horizon Organics, and P&G, and to partner with game-changing agencies such as MtoM Consulting and Ignite Social Media. Our marketing software is the only technology that identifies the best-performing influencers for a brand’s audiences from within an exclusive influencer marketplace and automates the entire workflow including content creation, distribution, performance and data-driven optimization. Our marketplace provides an unprecedented network of opt-in influencers that reaches over one billion consumers across all social channels.

Social media changed marketing; it’s the most connected, authentic, and innovative channel in history. Real people sharing real stories. TapInfluence wants you to harness the power of Influencer Marketing Automation.

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