AFTER a Limerick judge took a witness to task for not wearing a tie in court last week, we asked people whether the tie is a thing of the past or is it still an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.
Judge James O’Donoghue told the witness in his court: “We want the right kind of dress and proper decorum here. This is not a Ryanair kind of show we are running here.”
Anti-Austerity Alliance councillor Mick Barry laughed off the judge’s position on ties.
He said jokingly: “I wouldn’t take any lectures on wearing a tie from a member of a profession that wears wigs and gowns!”
However, menswear retailers in Cork say that ties are more popular than ever, with young men in particular interested.
They are taking their style tips from UFC star Conor McGregor, and imitating trends started by TV shows like Mad Men.


Denis Stanton, manager of Gentlemen’s Quarters, said there is a huge demand for ties, especially among younger men.
He said: “We sell an absolute mountain of ties. Young lads are all into their shirts and ties at the moment – you see it everywhere.”
Mr Stanton said that changing styles have sparked interest for many.
“Everyone is following Conor McGregor’s style. Check suits, shirts and ties are all the rage because of him.”
Pam O’Regan of Saville Menswear said that ties are here to stay, but they aren’t vital for every formal social occasion anymore.
“They are a really big seller. A lot of outfits, like a three-piece suit, just don’t work without a tie.
“There is a time and a place for them, and it certainly depends on the guy, but we have seen a lot more of an interest in ties among younger men in particular. For me, it is part of a finished product – it is a look from head to toe and the tie completes that.”
Meanwhile, James McDonald of Cork fashion blog The Style Council said that smart styling and fashion trends have changed a lot in recent years. He said that not wearing ties is “totally acceptable” in formal situations where it was previously expected, such as weddings.
“Smart styling and business formal wear definitely isn’t what it used to be. Suits aren’t just black or charcoal anymore and this has spread to ties too. Not wearing one to a wedding, for example, is totally acceptable.”
Mr McDonald added that Conor McGregor has made fashion more acceptable for a lot of men who would not have been interested before.
“He’s a guy who beats up other guys for a living – I guess he made fashion seem like a machismo thing! Men’s attitudes have changed though.
“There are a lot of options, like leaving top buttons open, adding pocket squares or maybe cufflinks. It seems okay for everyone to be into fashion.”

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