Top 10 Men’s Fashion Blogs from Around the Web

For men, looking sharp and stylish is never easy, as there are lots of trends to choose from and they often seem to go by in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, there are plenty of men’s fashion bloggers who have their fingers on the beating heart of fashion and do the research and ground work to make it easy to stay in style. Here are some of the best men’s fashions bloggers of 2015 and that need to know.

Four Pins


Not only is this men’s fashion blog full of great tips, it also displays a cutting sense of humour that will really keep readers on their toes. While Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Schlossman and his tribe clearly have a passion for fashion, they are also down to earth and deliver plenty of wit and just a touch of cynicism to go along with all the great advice. – 

He Spoke Style

 Men who like the classic and sophisticated look are sure to love this blog. Brian Sacawa provides plenty of top tips on dressing to impress and looking good in the ultimate tailored business suit. If you are a fan of button down shirts and woven fabric, this is the blog for you. –


For those who only dress in the very best and want to keep up with the latest trends no matter how quirky they may be, Selectism is a good blog to follow. Based in Berlin, where many of the hottest and unusual fashion trends are given birth, the blog gives tips on how to find the latest must have items and how to wear them so that you will always turn heads when you walk down the street. –

My Belonging


Follow fashionista Tommy Lei as he explores the more daring side of men’s fashion in this vibrant blog. Lei is certainly no wall flower when it comes to looking good and he cheerfully presents some of the most outlandish trends in the USA using his enthusiasm to transform the seemingly bizarre into items you will quickly find you simply can no longer live without. –

I Am Galla

This blog is written in the style of a fashion diary and is written by New York-based man about town Adam Gallagher. Followers of this blog are invited to join Adam Gallagher as he makes he was through his daily life in some of the most fashionable parts of the Big Apple and the sharp style of both the blogger’s fashion sense and his writing is sure to appeal to red blooded males who also have an interest in fashion. –

Closet Freaks


It’s time to come out of the closet and reveal your unique spin on fashion to the world. Anthony Urban is the quick wit and fast fingers behind the extremely popular Closet Freaks blog, which is known for taking classic looks and presenting them in a fresh new way. Some of the tips that you are likely to find here include the hottest vintage looks around and how to accessorise to give a classic look a whole new lease of life. –

One Dapper Street


If you aspire to being dapper in any situation, then German blogger Marcel Floruss may well be your new guru. His wise words on looking good and simple approach to style and everything that goes with it has already gained Floruss a wide following and among the many big names that are already sitting up and takingnotice include some of the leading stylists at GQ, Barneys and the Huffington Post. –

Mr Boy


For those who demand nothing but the best when it comes to fashion and looking good, the pared down words and enthusiasm of Mr Boy might be very close to their heart. The smart writer behind the alter ego of Mr Boy is British blogger Karlmond Tang, who is never afraid to write exactly what he thinks and he is followed by some of the best in the business such as Harrods, Urban Outfitters and the Gap. If you don’t mind the sometimes long waits between blog ports, this snappy blog is sure to satisfy. –

The Gentleman Blogger

After making it onto Esquire’s Best Dressed Male list in 2010, fashion blogger and genuine gentleman Matthew Zorpas clearly proved that he knows what he’s talking about and is able to walk the walk as well as talking the talk. Zorpas has an unashamed passion for suits and many of his posts revolve around the search for the perfect suit and tips on how to wear it and how to accessorise that great suit for any occasion. –

What My Boyfriend Wore

Sergio Ines is such a snapper dresser that his South African girlfriend originally started this blog in his honour. These days the reins have been turned over to the men and it is a joyful celebration of stylish men who like to dress with flare. No matter what style you are into you are sure to find something that covers it here and there are plenty of great tips and secrets to help men have fun have fun expressing themselves through fashion. –

Of course, this is just a small selection of the great men’s fashion bloggers that are currently gracing the web. While men’s fashion trends may come and go, many of these bloggers have proven over the last year that they are here the stay and have what it takes to keep you looking great from head to toe.

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