Netflix Is Joining The Influencer Marketing Movement

Netflix Takes the Screen to the Streets with an Influencer Campaign

The megalith of instant streaming that has replaced network TV and cable nationwide for many millennials– as many as 79% of millennials by some accounts— announces their entry into the world of Instagram influencers. They’re calling them “Grammasters” and they’re going straight to the public to find them.Netflix knows their millennial userbase well, they’ve proven it with a string of engrossing original shows– including revivals from the days of TGIF. And they’ve created a culture of “binge watching” that allows millennials to avoid commercials and delve deeper than ever into the world of a show. Not only do users watch the shows in marathon sessions, but when a season ends they continue to look for ways to engage with the storyline and the brand– taking to Reddit to discuss “Making a Murderer” theories and even turning their apartments into an homage to #Netflixandchill.

The Grammasters campaign presents another avenue for deep diving into the universe of a show. These influencers will travel around the country shooting content from familiar sets and scenes of popular shows. Merging this desire for deeper engagement and more story-line binging with the proven millennial lust for experiences.

The casting call is pretty simple, just follow @netflix on Instagram and tag 3 of your best photos with #Grammasters3 by 3/6/16. The criteria are open to interpretation, but their last batch of Grammasters were pretty sophisticated photographers with significant followings and a penchant for adventure.

They’re a few of our favorite Instagrammers too, check out their accounts here:




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