Twitter gets a picture boost: Firm adds bigger uncropped photos to web site in bid to take on Instagram

Twitter is uncropping photos in attempts to create a more ‘immersive’ experience for its users.

The social media platform announced today that larger displays of single and multiple-photo spreads will now be a part of the feed.

This year, Twitter has rolled out a slew of new features in attempts to optimize its capabilities, including Moments and autoplaying videos.

The company, once an all-text platform, will now be showing photos as a full image in the feed on the website.

Previously, a rectangular preview cropped the photo, which would be revealed in full once clicked on.

The update also applies to tweets which contain multiple photos.

In this morning’s announcement, Twitter says it is refining the platform to keep pace with the richness of modern media.

Doing so allows Twitter users to experience ‘the world through someone else’s eyes,’ the company says in the announcement, like the visual stories of astronaut Scott Kelly’s #YearInSpace or Brian Dickinson’s summit of Mt. Everest.

Earlier this year, Twitter unveiled Moments, which compiles trending stories across different topics, like ‘Entertainment,’ and ‘Politics.'

Moments can be directly blended into your twitter feed to easily keep track of frequently updating events, like a sports game or political debate.

Twitter also swapped its once beloved stars, 'Favourites,' for a heart symbol that indicates 'Likes.' Some users mourned the switch, but the company says the hearts have been a popular feature since implementation.

Soon, the company may even allow users to respond to tweets using emojis.

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