Socialyte (agency) will identify influencers for the above campaign and manage scheduled editorials and brand features. We’ll ensure all features fit with brands image, reviewing all content before approving editorials. 

Socialyte Status Cards which include details on location, readership, social following, brand work, press, and past campaign success will be provided for any influencer cast for a campaign. Influencers are grouped by content type, audience, press, past brand collaborations, monthly readership and fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine,  Instagram and Youtube. 

Based on campaign requirements, editorials will be published on influencer site. Influencers are contracted to feature content on social profiles. Content is packaged for social distribution, including the @signs and appropriate #hashtags of partner brand to increase visibility.  

Content commission by agency is distributed on FashionIndie, with features through social profiles.

Agency provides reporting which includes campaign impressions & clicks, Facebook shares & reshares, Twitter mentions & retweets, Pinterest pins & repins, notable comments, # of Comments, Instagram likes, Youtube/Vine views & shares, links to all media assets and mentions. 

A campaign manager will be available to help answer any questions and advise on campaign development. Managers are here to help gain higher social media marketing returns and ensure successful execution of your influencer campaign.

Agency agrees to provide above services to the best of our ability. Agency is acting as an independent contractor and assumes no responsibilities for all taxes, levies, or charges by any governmental entity, whether national, state, provincial, city, local or otherwise that are associated with status under this agreement. Agency acknowledges that we are in a relationship of trust and confidence with Client, Agency hereby agrees that they will not use or disclose any Trust Confidential Information except for matters as expressly authorized to do so by the Client. All relationships established by agency are the sole ownership of agency for a minimum of one year. Amendments to this agreement must be in writing and executed by both parties.

Agreement for program based on specific campaign. One-time engagements require a 100% payment prior to launch of campaign. Month-to-Month engagements require a 6-month commitment with payments paid upfront for starting month prior to launch of campaign. Cancellation of any long-term commitment requires 30-day notice. All promised Socialyte member payments must be paid in the event of a cancellation. Client approves all campaigns before launch.

Socialyte shall submit invoices monthly. Client will make best efforts to make payment within one week of receipt by check.  Invoices may be submitted electronically or by mail.  The invoices should be addressed to Client.

Any changes to the campaign or deviance from what is described must be requested within 7 days of the start of the campaign, as defined above. Any changes made within 7 days of the start date of the campaign will be charged a change fee equal to $100 or 10% of the campaign budget, whichever is more. 

All payments must be made to: Socialyte Collective