7 Ways to Engage Fashion & Beauty Bloggers through the Holiday Season


Each year, brand marketers look for ways to make their products stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of items which hit retail stores and online shops during the holiday season. This year, Americans are expected to spend over $600 billion through the holidays with 66% of consumers saying they are planning to purchase gifts online.

Socialyte helps brands activate word of mouth campaigns, influencing millions of consumers everyday through our network of fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs. To help brands better market products through this period, we've put together 7 ways you can engage our members during the holiday season.

1. Sponsor Holiday Gift Guides. Get your product into the holiday gift guides of hundreds of publishers. Launch a placement campaign focused around our bloggers Holiday gift guides to have your items featured along side other must-haves of the season. Perfect for targeting fashionable consumers looking for the perfect gift for friends and family.

2. Launch a 30 Days of  Holiday Style Challenge. Activate the entire Socialyte network (575 members and growing) to style looks inspired by your brand message. Socialyte's blogger liaisons can help tailor a campaign specifically designed to meet your brand outreach goals, encouraging our members to submit entries through blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. We can even book 30 talents as once to introduce a new style post every day of the holiday month.

3. Hire a Spokesblogger for the Holidays. Find the perfect blogger to act as your ambassador during the holidays, contributing premium content to your branded blog and social media profiles, hosting in-store events, and starring in your digital campaigns. We represent top talents in the digital space and can present options available from top agencies such as Elite and CAA.

4. Bring DIY Bloggers to In-Store Gift Wrapping Events. DIY bloggers bring an exciting element to gift wrapping stations and holiday in-store events, creating custom ribbons or offering monograms for items sold during this peek shopping period. Socialyte can commission crafty members in major shopping cities, ensuring your attract new customers to in-store events.

5. Commission Photographers to Shoot Street Style at Holiday Events. Major events like unveiling of Holiday windows, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree attract thousands of consumers, many of them stylish and perfect for street style photography. Hire a Street Style blogger to hit these highly trafficked areas to shoot original style posts sponsored by your brand. 

6. Launch a Contest for Family Photos from Holidays Past. Vintage photographs tell a story of families coming together during Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukah. Commission bloggers to submit their photos from the holidays and encourage their readers to do the same via your Facebook or Instagram account. Create custom #hashtag to track the responses and work with Socialyte to ensure the most influential publishers are pushing your campaign.

7. Ignite a Trendspark featuring Your Holiday Giftables. Ensure your product placements launch in time for the holidays by working with Socialyte to get your most giftable items into the hands of our bloggers. Our tracking system lets you know exactly how many people saw your products and we track all interactions to give you a clearer picture on your ROI. We'll work with you to select the best publishers for your campaign and can provide a scalable program that hits up to 100 blogs at once.

To launch a campaign and see your products featured on the sites of our members, contact saynt@socialyte.co or click here to request more information on our campaigns.