7 Ways to Work with Fashion Bloggers through Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The highest grossing in-store and online shopping days of the year are coming and with it millions of consumers looking to discover great deals on gifts and personal purchases.

Activate bloggers and social media influencers to talk about your brand and sales during this time period to spread the word about your offerings, attracting consumers seeking fashion,beautyhomefamily, and entertainment products.

To make your marketing more successful, here are 7 tips for your word of mouth campaigns through Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Start Booking Early. The week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Nov 19 – 30th) are the most popular dates for brands to connect with bloggers, launching campaigns designed to attract the nearly $54.5 billion in spending which will take place online. In order to ensure the very best publishers, start early and remember that the deadline for Socialyte launched campaigns is November 16th.

Launch a Socialyte Campaign in Time for Cyber Monday.

Target Your Storytellers.

 Gain the highest return by ensuring the right type of bloggers and social media influencers are talking about your brand. Tailor campaigns to fit audience demographics, locations and spending habits to drive the right types of consumers to your Black Friday or Cyber Monday offerings.

Book Bloggers for Multiday Campaigns. While the majority of online spending will take place on Monday, brands are launching online sales earlier and extending them longer to fully take advantage of consumer spending through this high volume sales period. Make sure to book Socialytes to talk about your brand and specific product offerings
through the two weeks when spending is highest.

Use Exclusives to Increase Social Following. Launch exclusive offers and one time use coupon codes through Facebook and Twitter to drive a higher return from your social blasts. Launch new items first on your social profiles to give your biggest fans first access to your best items. Activate Socialytes to drive new customers to your social profiles and attract new brand followers.

Get Local, Push Customers Into Stores. With over 209.7 billion expected to be spent in-stores, it’s important to consider opportunities to drive customers into your most popular doors. Use Socialyte to select bloggers with influence in specific cities to find event hosts or ensure coverage of your in-store sales amongst community leaders.

Launch Local Campaigns in Time for Black Friday.

Track Response to Build Better Campaigns. 

Use Bitly tracking links on social and email blasts to see which channels are producing your highest return. Set click-thru goals and ensure contracted publishers offer to use these codes to see which bloggers are bringing the highest return on your word of mouth campaigns.

Create Blogger Curated Collections. Get top fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers and social influencers to create collections for your e-commerce site featuring their must-have items from your Black Friday/Cyber Monday product mix. Promote these collections and contract influential bloggers to do the same.

Hope these tips help make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns more successful. For more advice on customizing a campaign click here.

For campaigns above $20,000 contact me directly to have expert advice on crafting the perfect influencer campaign and to ensure the attention of our most influential members.

Check out the infographic below to see the impact Black Friday and Cyber Monday will have this year on Holiday spending.