Socialyte Instabomb

launch INSTAGRAM campaigns to increase sales, fanbase and engagement

Socialyte develops scalable Instagram campaigns hitting the profiles of the world's most influential fashion, beauty and lifestyle stars. 

Updated Stats & Content Strategy:  Clients receive media cards with updates on past promotions, social following, engagement and are assigned a full-time casting director to help discover the best influencers and storyline for your Instagram campaign.

Track Sales:  Integrating with affiliate services which track sales from Instagram our programs drive new followers, increase consumer engagement and support content and hashtag driven activations which lead to sales.

Detailed Reporting: At the close of campaigns clients receive detailed reports which include profile growth, media assets, likes and comments. 


Lord & Taylor partnered with Socialyte to launch their new Design Lab.

We cast over 50 influencers for an Instabomb each tasked with styling one exclusive dress from the collection.

Going live within a 48-hour period the campaign produced over 2.4M impressions, 250k likes, increased Lord & Taylor's Instagram following by 25% and helped sell out of product within minutes of launching. 

Case Study: Lord & Taylor Instabomb






Curation of Top Influencers:  We’ve partnered with the world’s top fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers to offer you a choice from a highly curated group of talents. Influencers are selected based on industry status, content quality and engagement to ensure your campaign is successful.

Control the Message:  Provide influencers with talking points and posts will include branded hashtags and tagging of your profile. You can approve copy and can choose from multiple image options from our influencers before your Instabomb goes live.

Immediate Exposure:  Instagrams go live within a 48-hour window to increase exposure and growth. This creates a “bomb” effect to flood feeds with the featured product, resulting in high visibility and a series of content showcasing multiple ways to style or experience your product.

Category Exclusivity:  Your brand will not be featured with any competing brand on the influencers profile for 24-hours. A longer period of exclusivity can be negotiated for additional consideration.

Profile Takeover : Influencer will direct audience to profile link to click to purchase item.

Amplification: Campaign images are reposted on amplification sites reaching millions of additional fans.

Reporting:  At the close of your campaign you’ll receive a report with total likes, comments, impressions, and purchase intent click. See an immediate ROI on your investment.


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