Daniel Saynt Speaks at Asian Fashion Summit

Daniel Saynt, Socialyte's founder & chief creative is currently in Singapore, sharing some thoughts on social media and influencer relations to guests of the Asia Fashion Summit.

Here are the takeaways, all 140 characters or less, from the presentation.

#SocialMedia is the single most Disruptive Force in Marketing, Design, Sales & Customer Service.

#SocialMedia = Word of Mouth + Public Consumer Conversations + Brand Focused Storytelling

5 Networks that Matter Most @Facebook @Twitter @Instagram @Pinterest @Youtube. Spend 90% of your resources on the Big 5.

How to Win @Social. Youre not a marketer. Youre a storyteller. Tell a good story. #WeRememberStories

Best Storytellers in Fashion @RebeccaMinkoff @DKNY @ToryBurch @KateSpadeNY @Formechetti @Alice_Olivia

4Tips4 Better Stories. Networks = Campfire. Brand = Protagonist. Influencers = Supporting Characters. Consumers = Critics

4Tips4 Stories @Facebook. #Timeline = Origins. Tags Connect Supporting Characters. Photos Enhance Stories. 90% Telling, 10% Selling

4Tips4 Stories @Twitter. Tweets = Internal Monologues. Conversations add Plot Points. Lists 2 Follow Influencers. Images thru @Instagram.

4Tips4 Stories @Instagram. Use # for Story Arches. Set the Scene. Capture Your Protagonist. Give Up Control.

4Tips4 Stories @Pinterest. Pin Background. Incorporate Video. Tag Properly, Link Properly. Inspiration is Key.

4Tips4 Stories @Youtube. This isnt a Commercial. Keep it Short. Create a Series. Book Influential "Actors".

4Tips4 Influencers. Many Stories > Single Story. Discover, Develop, Maintain. Always Adjust. Returns=Content, Customers, Commitment.



Daniel Saynt featured in Forbes

I'm finally back from my trip to Singapore, where I was asked to speak at the Asia Fashion Summit, a 3-day seminar dedicated to what's next in fashion and technology.

The event put me in the company of some of the most respected people in the industry including Nicola Formichetti and Chris Burch, and gave me the chance to connect to some amazing designers and bloggers from across Asia.

Forbes picked up some points from my discussion and featured the following:

According to Daniel Saynt, founder of, an agency that connect bloggers to brands, the most effective social networking tools brands should concentrate on are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, mainly because they have the bulk of the consumers. But in using these tools, he emphasized that you should not use them to market your brand. Instead, you should tell the story of your brand including who you are, what your journey has been like, where you’re heading, and what inspires you. Bloggers are great at story telling, of finding interesting angles that influence how people shop. Hence, there have been several brands, which have employed bloggers to develop their story online. The reason why bloggers have become so influential says Saynt is that they are the “reality stars of fashion,” consumers feel connected to them and to their worlds.

You can view the full article here.



Daniel Saynt featured in the New York Times

Indeed what once was a quasi-covert, somewhat haphazard operation is now out in the open and strategically planned. Seeding new or long-established designer labels into the street style mix “is a new way of doing PR,” said Daniel Saynt, a partner in a year-old agency that negotiates deals between brands and tastemakers.

“We watch for the people most likely to be photographed outside the shows,” Mr. Saynt said. “Our job is to make sure they have on the right products at the right time.”

During Fashion Week, Socialyte, through its marketing program, #TrendSpark, is managing about 200 placements, he said, for 18 fashion brands and retailers. Among them are limited-edition lines from Pink & Pepper, Vera Wang and Pour La Victoire.

Few people realize that certain bloggers and seemingly random posers are modeling for a fee,” Mr. Saynt said. “But even those who are aware don’t always understand the degree to which we orchestrate these placements.
— Daniel Saynt, Creative Director of Socialyte



Daniel Saynt featured in Bon Magazine

“PR today is about creating a story so good that others want to tell it,” says Daniel Saynt, whose company Socialyte manages a new generation of digital media messengers whose influence on consumers equals that of traditional glossy magazines.

Saynt and his ilk have played no small part in the evolution of fashion-brand awareness. Two major game-changers - globalization and the World Wide Web - have transformed fashion into the hyper-connected industry it is today. The new wave of media influencers includes bloggers, street style starts, It girls and a whole swath of global celerities from China, Russia and Brazil. Then there are those tastemakers with a food in both old and new media camps, the Anna Dello Russos and Derek Blasbergs, who represent print publications, as well as their own digital ‘brands.’

In fact, according to Daniel Saynt, the top-tier digital influencers are less like editorial journalists and more of a new hybrid of brand ambassador and publisher. And they’re not necessarily all bloggers. “Digital influencers come in various forms and across different platforms,” “They can be bloggers, prolific Instagrammers, celebrity Twitter users and so on. Influencers shift perceptions, sell product and can be a brand’s greatest ambassador.”



Daniel Saynt featured in the New York Observer

“In the end, buyers are still going to buy and negative reviews sound more like sour grapes,” explains Daniel Saynt, founder of Socialyte.Co and a pioneering blogger. “Ultimately, the consumers decide what makes a good collection and what does not. Brands need to learn to cater to the most socially empowered consumers first and foremost. These are the lifeblood of the process, not the critics.” - New York Observer / Scene Magazine

Read the whole article by Zandile Blay here.

Also follow the author @Zandile.



Beca Alexander featured in WWD, the New York Times & New York Mag

Beca Alexander, co-founder and President of Socialyte is always on trend she's sporting a Joe Fresh beanie and is in head to nearly-toe BCBG, both brands that are extremely supportive of influencers in the fashion world. She was snapped outside of Lincoln Center while running about to shows. This coupled with her appearances in GraziaThe CutWWD, and Popsugar, cemented her status as fashion week #StreetBait. You can read more on Beca's fashion week experiences here.



Daniel Saynt featured in the New York Times

Why characters rule supreme...

“Fashion’s one big game of status where recognition is everything,” said Daniel Saynt, a founder of Socialyte, a year-old agency that negotiates deals between tastemakers and brands. Having a recognizable image seals the impression that you may be worth talking to, or talking about, Mr. Saynt said, “even if nobody actually knows who you are.”

For every Jenna Lyons, the studiedly geeky executive creative director of J. Crew, a modern-day peacock has alighted: young, consummately Web savvy and unabashedly ambitious.

“These people have found footing in the industry by making a bold statement,” Mr. Saynt said, a case in point being the model Alice Dellal, whose half-razed hair has made her a standout in a forest of competitors.

Read the full article by journalist Ruth la Ferla in The New York Times.



Daniel Saynt featured in Dame Magazine

Look, there's a lot of opinion around bloggers and the money they make from endorsing brands. With the recent appointment of The Blonde Salad as Global Fashion Ambassador for Redkin, it's becoming clearer and clearer that internet stars are the new "It" girls, demanding high pay for high influence.

I've always been open on how we make money, not only for our team, but for our bloggers and firmly believe that this will be the evolution of advertising on the web, customized for specific audiences, viral, and with a global, digital effect. I'm glad to share how we're revolutionizing the industry through our work with some of the webs most influential.

I was recently interviewed by Rebekah Sager a reporter for Fox News and other publications on just what we do at Socialyte.Co. Here's the excerpt from her article, you can read the rest here.

These young bloggers are savvy businesswomen who’ve figured out how to capitalize on their image...[they] have huge reach and the brands have figured that out.
— Daniel Saynt, Creative Director of Socialtye

“We style and dress them in their given brands every day. We send them out to the shows and parties, and our paid street photographers shoot them.” The bloggers then post the images to their networks - and voila! Viral magic.