Daniel Saynt featured in Bon Magazine

“PR today is about creating a story so good that others want to tell it,” says Daniel Saynt, whose company Socialyte manages a new generation of digital media messengers whose influence on consumers equals that of traditional glossy magazines.

Saynt and his ilk have played no small part in the evolution of fashion-brand awareness. Two major game-changers - globalization and the World Wide Web - have transformed fashion into the hyper-connected industry it is today. The new wave of media influencers includes bloggers, street style starts, It girls and a whole swath of global celerities from China, Russia and Brazil. Then there are those tastemakers with a food in both old and new media camps, the Anna Dello Russos and Derek Blasbergs, who represent print publications, as well as their own digital ‘brands.’

In fact, according to Daniel Saynt, the top-tier digital influencers are less like editorial journalists and more of a new hybrid of brand ambassador and publisher. And they’re not necessarily all bloggers. “Digital influencers come in various forms and across different platforms,” “They can be bloggers, prolific Instagrammers, celebrity Twitter users and so on. Influencers shift perceptions, sell product and can be a brand’s greatest ambassador.”