I'm finally back from my trip to Singapore, where I was asked to speak at the Asia Fashion Summit, a 3-day seminar dedicated to what's next in fashion and technology.

The event put me in the company of some of the most respected people in the industry including Nicola Formichetti and Chris Burch, and gave me the chance to connect to some amazing designers and bloggers from across Asia.

Forbes picked up some points from my discussion and featured the following:

According to Daniel Saynt, founder of www.socialyte.co, an agency that connect bloggers to brands, the most effective social networking tools brands should concentrate on are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, mainly because they have the bulk of the consumers. But in using these tools, he emphasized that you should not use them to market your brand. Instead, you should tell the story of your brand including who you are, what your journey has been like, where you’re heading, and what inspires you. Bloggers are great at story telling, of finding interesting angles that influence how people shop. Hence, there have been several brands, which have employed bloggers to develop their story online. The reason why bloggers have become so influential says Saynt is that they are the “reality stars of fashion,” consumers feel connected to them and to their worlds.

You can view the full article here.