Daniel Saynt Speaks at Asian Fashion Summit

Daniel Saynt, Socialyte's founder & chief creative is currently in Singapore, sharing some thoughts on social media and influencer relations to guests of the Asia Fashion Summit.

Here are the takeaways, all 140 characters or less, from the presentation.

#SocialMedia is the single most Disruptive Force in Marketing, Design, Sales & Customer Service.

#SocialMedia = Word of Mouth + Public Consumer Conversations + Brand Focused Storytelling

5 Networks that Matter Most @Facebook @Twitter @Instagram @Pinterest @Youtube. Spend 90% of your resources on the Big 5.

How to Win @Social. Youre not a marketer. Youre a storyteller. Tell a good story. #WeRememberStories

Best Storytellers in Fashion @RebeccaMinkoff @DKNY @ToryBurch @KateSpadeNY @Formechetti @Alice_Olivia

4Tips4 Better Stories. Networks = Campfire. Brand = Protagonist. Influencers = Supporting Characters. Consumers = Critics

4Tips4 Stories @Facebook. #Timeline = Origins. Tags Connect Supporting Characters. Photos Enhance Stories. 90% Telling, 10% Selling

4Tips4 Stories @Twitter. Tweets = Internal Monologues. Conversations add Plot Points. Lists 2 Follow Influencers. Images thru @Instagram.

4Tips4 Stories @Instagram. Use # for Story Arches. Set the Scene. Capture Your Protagonist. Give Up Control.

4Tips4 Stories @Pinterest. Pin Background. Incorporate Video. Tag Properly, Link Properly. Inspiration is Key.

4Tips4 Stories @Youtube. This isnt a Commercial. Keep it Short. Create a Series. Book Influential "Actors".

4Tips4 Influencers. Many Stories > Single Story. Discover, Develop, Maintain. Always Adjust. Returns=Content, Customers, Commitment.