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Socialyte's brand management division represents internationally recognized digital influencers and media properties. Clients include fashion, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle personalities.

Our services are designed to help influencers increase revenue through sponsorship opportunities, further develop their digital properties and fanbase, strategize and launch product extensions, provide access to accountants and legal for brand development, keep schedules and campaigns organized and simplify their lives with a team of brand managers and a dedicated sales staff.

Socialyte Brand Management Services


Campaign Development: Have a concept you'd like to pitch to a brand? Our team will create a plan and pitch it to the brands you want to work with.

Socialyte Perks and Travel: Managed talents receive access to exclusive trips, events, gifting programs, perks and experiences provided from brand partners and developed by Socialyte.

Media Relations: Socialyte will work on crafting your press strategy and connect you to in-book and digital opportunities from media partners which including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Refinery29 and over 30 other publications. 

Mobile and Banner Networks: Socialyte has curated the best networks and MCNs to increase revenue from your digital and mobile audience.

Web Design: Access to a team of web developers and designers to relaunch your site, create apps, e-commerce and custom ad-unit development.

Exclusive Campaigns: Socialyte managed talents receive priority consideration for internally developed campaigns from our brand partners. Get pitched for castings and secure additional opportunities from our dedicated sales team. 

Reporting:  Socialyte tracks all campaigns we manage on your behalf, providing brand partners with detailed reporting after your campaign has gone live. This helps brands track the ROI on their influencer spend, helping secure you additional future opportunities.

Competitive Pricing: Your brand manager will advise you on the best rates to charge based off of brand and asks, helping ensure you increase revenue from incoming opportunities and never get priced out of campaigns.

Socialyte Referrals: Have a campaign that doesn't fit your style? Upon your approval, Socialyte will pass the opportunity to another represented talent and pay you a referral for bringing the opportunity to us. Make money even when you don't accept a campaign.

]Talent Marketing:We develop dedicated newsletters, a daily blog, regular paid social and search promotions to help brands discover our exclusive clients first. 

In addition, our site is optimized for search with top placement for terms like "Influencer Agency" and "Working with Digital Influencers" meaning you'll receive more incoming opportunities from Socialyte.

Designed for free agents and influencers in exclusive agency contracts, our management services provide you a full-time manager to help guide your career as an influencer.

Strategy and Planning: Future planning for your future with our team of brand experts. Brand positioning, product development, licensing planning and revenue extensions are considered with executable plans. 

Business Development: Access to low-cost accountants and legal council to advise on growing and managing your business. 

Creative Collaborations: Access to our network of photographers and production teams to develop editorials and video projects. 

Schedule Organization: Manager updated shared calendars with alerts to keep your campaigns and travels organized.

Audience Development: We've tested multiple platforms and offer advice on the best strategies to grow your social fanbase and readership.

Affiliate Strategy: Socialyte has partnered with nearly 100 brands ready to offer 20% - 40% affiliate rates and product. Our clients can earn higher commissions than traditional affiliate programs.

Dedicated Brand Manager: Our exclusives are assigned managers trained to negotiate all your incoming opportunities. Managers will help develop programs which increase your revenue bringing better returns on your incoming offers.

Ambassador Programs: Our managers will work with you on developing long-term ambassador programs for our clients, working with our brand partners to secure represented talents through multi-month engagements.  

Weekly Reports: Monthly your manager will review all incoming opportunities and pitched campaigns. You'll know how much money you've made, your upcoming projects and which brands you have been pitched and passed on to better manage your brand.

Media Partners: Socialyte media partners include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Details, NYLON, Seventeen and over 20 other print and digital brands. Represented talents are presented first for exclusive events, in-book opportunities and campaigns.

30-Day Payment Terms: We pay represented talents within 30-days of a receipt of payment. Make money faster with Socialyte.

Due to overwhelming demand we're only accepting digital brands with yearly revenue of $100,000 at this time. To be considered for management services please contact

A few of our exclusively managed brands





Charlotte Groeneveld

The Fashion Guitar


Marianna Hewitt

Life with Me