There seems to be a gradual trend of personal style bloggers making the move from “outfit of the day” posts into more all-encompassing lifestyle content. As opportunities open up in new verticals, this transition definitely makes sense, from both branding and business standpoints.

It isn’t as much a departure from a focus on style as it is an incorporation of new elements; a growth, an evolution. It’s an approach that’s both strategic and natural. This is the exact idea that, when it was partnered with rapidly developing digital opportunities, sparked the blogger era to begin with: capitalize on what you’re already doing well anyway. These publishers are already experts in merchandising their personal styles, so it’s a natural progression to translate their daily activities into lifestyle posts--the key is that they do so through their own personal style aesthetic, so it applies organically to their already-established audiences.

Bloggers often become hugely popular due to their effortless relatability. Every fashion-savvy girl knew exactly what man repelling was before the term was coined by Leandra Medine; seeing someone embrace that phenomenon with such humor and style gave women a sense of freedom in fashion, and resulted in a cult-like following. Allowing followers to venture deeper into her life, Leandra only further solidifies the connection between blogger and reader. Expanding to incorporate lifestyle content is important to the development of this friendship, and the brand loyalty that results is incredible.

A recently published article in Mashable states that “Seventy percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, but only 10% trust advertising, according to a new report from Forrester Research.” These numbers are mind-blowing. Bloggers have some of the most loyal followings of any personality. Establishing authentic partnerships in this area opens the brand up to a thriving network of possibilities. This intersection is where multi-faceted authentic relationships can be born.

Let’s not forget a wonderful driving factor: the money that lies waiting in the lifestyle consumer goods sector, an industry that naturally needs a little more cunning to create successful personal relationships with consumers. Bleubird Vintage, run by a husband and wife team, has mastered lifestyle content, incorporating elements of their lives into their stories including the fashions they buy, the dinners they host and the places they experience into their stories. This peek beyond their closet has helped the site reach millions of invested readers looking for the next suggestion by these dynamic storytellers. Their photos, like the ones showcased above, tell a story that few can imitate, positioning them above other bloggers in their category and attracting brand partners like Rebecca Minkoff.

Once a consumer is happy and content with a product, the brand loyalty is generally pretty firm. This loyalty is often passed down through lineages: your mom used this product, so you naturally adopted it into your routine without another thought.

Breaking free of this conditioning to make that first spark of brand loyalty can be tricky, and collaborating with these relatable personalities, who show in great detail--through beautiful photos and powerfully written copy--how they’ve incorporated these products into their own lives is inspirational. Lifestyle tends to be very experience-focused, and there’s no better place for these experiences to reach potential consumers than through bloggers.

Socialyte recently launched a successful lifestyle campaign when Stoli asked us to support the launch of ORGNL.TV, producing over 6 million impressions through social media profiles and dedicated blog posts. Focussed around fashion bloggers, the campaign helped cement many of our Socialytes as lifestyle personalities with the ability to produce huge returns for a brand looking for exposure amongst affluent, female consumers. 

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